Spankasm: The Movie

Spooky, creepy horror movies I wish were real, just in time for Halloween. [Original source of above image is, I think: Spank Hard magazine, LDL(?) Publications, circa-mid 90’s.]

Fellow spankos: I’m wondering what horror movies [or general scary themes] if any, that you would love to be turned into freaky films with a spanking element/theme ?  ?  ? The cult classic “The Blair Witch Project,” for example, could easily be turned into cherry-red themed epic awesomeness:

:arrow:A few other ideas I was thinking of, for example: The Texas Hairbrush Massacre; Spankzilla; Dawn of The Doms; Twilight: The Vampire Spankos.

The coolest, cauldron-bubbling, stake-sharpening, blood-sucking ideas submitted by readers, might even be transformed into hellish ghoulish faux scary movie posters in future posts right here on this blog. YES!


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3 thoughts on “Spankasm: The Movie”

  1. I love horror movies with an edge. But vampire spankos with their superhuman strength? Nightmarish thought (which, I guess, would be the point).

    Mondo Cane: The shockumentary consisting of real footage of topkind at its cruelest.

    The Disciplinarian: An epic struggle of good vs. bratty ensues when a group of friends call in a disciplinarian to aid their perennially bitchy housemate. She gets spanked so thoroughly that her head spins completely around! *Shudder

    Fun! : )

  2. Not a horror movie in the strictest sense of the word, but I always rather thought ‘The Sound of Music’ could so easily have been a kinky film.The spanky tension between Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews was electric.

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