Vampire Brats: Because the Undead Need Discipline, Too

Not feeling so hot so…thought I’d take my mind off it and create a ‘faux’ horror spanko movie poster.   Hmmm but wait, can you really spank the undead or no? And if so, how? These things, you see, keep me up at night.  I’m also working on a movie poster for “The Texas Hairbrush Massacre.”

***Also, caption contest winner to be announced shortly–thank you for your patience and awesome submissions!


Updated Daily: Cherry Red Movies: Hella’ Good Pay-Per-Minute Spanking Hawtness. Watch 10 minutes for free. YES.

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8 thoughts on “Vampire Brats: Because the Undead Need Discipline, Too”

  1. Excellent and inspired work as always, Dave! 😀

    I would think spanking a vampire does indeed pose a bit of a quandary – the ‘cherry red’ of a spanked bottom comes from the blood flowing to those warmed buns. But if a vampire has no heartbeat and has no normal blood circulation then would a spanker be spanking away for hours on end with no resulting crimson shade appearing? The mind boggles! Maybe you truly “can’t spank the undead” 😉

  2. Loki: yes indeed, there may be cross-species interbreeding on display here, possibly a zombie with a vampire or devil, which is quite dangerous.

    Mr. H: lol……hmmm, well, you raise some quite fascinating points, that merit further discussion. i.e. If there is not a cherry red behind, did a spanking actually happen?

  3. The only problem with the spanking/horror mix is that if the horror element is too gross it makes me too sick to think about spanking! No way you could work a spanking scene into “Night of the Living Dead”.

    Of course, on the other side of the ledger, there’s Vampirella and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Vampi could take a wooden paddle to Buffy for all those wooden stakes Buffy has “taken to” other vampires over the years.

    Hm – weird idea. Maybe that’s the whole problem with this – I don’t think there’s a horror spanking idea that isn’t weird on some level. But I’m listening…

  4. Happy Halloween- that picture was too scary to even think about spanking.

    I love horror films but spanking, done well, is scary enough on its own. 🙂

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