Star Trek Cherry Red Caption Contest Winner Is…..

Hope everyone had a freaky, spooky and frightening Halloween. I did my usual reanimating of the dead, went to a couple of seances and dealt with a few zombies along with a poltergeist.

:arrow:Even took some time and updated my pervy short-shorts pic-blog, the Daisy Dukes Report over the weekend; and also viewed a sizzling, mouth-watering spanking film called “Nurses Know Best” starring Chelsea Pfeiffer and Alexis Payne. Def. check that flick out. OMG! [It’s free to sign up at CherryRedMovies, and newbies can watch 10min free.]

:arrow:Speaking of Halloween, hot off the press, check out the amazing Sarah Gregory’s spellbinding outfit here, and also some delightful spanky pix from Clare Fonda of a Girl Scout spanking a cheerleader, and vice versa. That’s just yum, is what that is.

Anyway, thank you to everyone for your totally fabtastic, creative and funny entries in the latest Cherry Red Caption Contest.  And the winner is “Underling” for:

“Lieutenant, I hope this will remind you that the Enterprise’s comms are not to be used for gossiping with your girlfriends. Now that the rear shields are down, let’s see what we can add to the damage report!”

Underling has won a gift certificate to the top-notch spanko paddle/implement makers at Cane-iac. And thank you very much to Cane-iac for sponsoring this contest.


I have included below all the rest of the awesome entries, and as you can see, choosing a winner is never easy:


“to boldly go where no man has gone before”


“Uhuru, Take this sub-space message!”


“But Captain, can’t we just get the heater fixed in my chair?”


“Lt. , I don’t care who sent that hailing frequency. I am not renting space on this ship out to people from ‘’ !”

Loki Renard:

Spanking port for Captain’s log. Denny Crane.

Captain JT Kirk:

“All wailing frequencies open, Uhura. I think I’ve had just about enough of you!!! Hand phaser on high spank…FIRE!!!


“Captain….When i said “condition red”….i was not talking about my bottom!”


“And you’re sure this is the only cure for Alterian flu Dr. McCoy?”


“orders from star fleet command: produce two red globes by 0400.”


Finally, an annoyed Captain Kirk decided to “open a communications channel” with the saucy Lt. Uhuru.


(Shhh Spock…) “Yes Amazonian Princess Tushcakes Palmher… This is part of our greeting rituals… If you wish to learn more… I, ..I …We..!.. will show you more of this goodwill gesture, and we have gifts for you…Like, ah, uh, ping pong paddles, and hairbrush type things..


“I think I better stop spanking her now, I could be brushing and combing hair, after all.”


“Captain,” Spock scolded, ” ‘Open a hailing frequency, or I’ll open a can of whoop-ass’ is not regulation.”

Dr. Ken:

“I’ve told you before… using the ship’s computers to access your “Facebook” page!”


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