Cherry Red Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with Fetish & Spanking Star Nikki Rouge

What’s up spanky peeps. The spanking research division here at Cherry Red HQ wanted to go behind-the-scenes with one of the spankees starring in Clare Fonda’s annual 10-schoolgirl spankapalooza red ass festival: Exclusive Education 5, which is available now on Clare’s Girl Spanks Girl site or via her multi-site pass.

And we thought, you see, why not feature the exquisite fetish model, fiery redhead, and spanking star Nikki Rouge, who had yet to be featured on these cherry red pages before?  Well, I say, capital idea!

Also, in addition to her bottom busting gigs and stunning pro modeling work, Nikki also works as a switch at The Dominion fetish club in L.A.

Thank you Nikki for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report. So what was it like shooting Clare’s annual epic schoolgirl spanking saga, Exclusive Education 5, featuring 10 spunky hotties?

Clare’s shoot was wonderful. It was my first time shooting for her as well as my first time being spanked by another lady.

I know you’ve done some butt-burning shoots with Dallas [of Dallas Spanks Hard fame], and also starred in the delicious Shadow Lane film “Bare Assets,” directed by the legendary Eve Howard, where you play a trust fund brat spanked by your financial adviser [Editorial Note: this is a must see!].

You are amazingly gorgeous in both shoots btw. How did the experience of shooting EE5 compare to the Dallas and Shadow Lane vids?

Well, this was my first time being spanked by a group of super hot women — on film that is. It was fun having all the different personalities on set and seeing all the different reactions to getting tossed over the knee and spanked. The energy kind of feed the momentum and made for a really great shoot.  The experience was really positive, as all of my past videos have been. I am looking forward to working with Clare in the future.

Seeing you in pigtails in EE5 is epic awesomeness…and that schoolgirl outfit. File under: Yum. Your thoughts?

Clare provided the hot little outfits. Other than that, the styling was all up to the individual girls. It was fun to be able to play it up younger (although not by much, mind you) with pigtails and white cotton panties.

Do you dig the schoolgirl spanking scenario quite a bit?

It is one of my favorite scenarios… especially if the school I’m “attending” is a Catholic or private school.

Hm….you know, I would like to be cast as the Head Principal in EE6 next year. Though I think I’d die on the set of spanko sensory overload.  .  . .

Me thinks EE6 could use an distinguished male authority figure for sure. Sign me up for that!!!

a good hot spanking and paddling

I’m in! So have you ever been involved in a spanko shoot like this before, featuring a large cast such as this?

I have never been a part of a large cast like this and it was a great experience. All the ladies brought something special to the table. I was very proud to be part of such a great cast.

Who was the hardest spanker, among Lana, Alicia and Clare?

Lana and her paddle, for sure! And Alicia certainly brought the heat with her heavy hand. Ouch!

Who was the naughtiest schoolgirl, in your opinion? besides yourself of course.

Oh… besides me…. Hum, probably that naughty little snitch Sarah Gregory. Even I would love to get a few smacks in on that tattle tale’s behind!

Who was the most bratty?

I’d have to say cute little French exchange student Marie Elle. Don’t let those big blue eyes fool you. She’s a mouthy little brat for sure.

Most spunky? most sassy?

The spunkiest and sassiest in my opinion has to be Natasha. Lots of spunk and a great set of tits to boot.

Have you worked with any of these models before?

Not on film. A few of the ladies work with me at The Dominion, where I am a switch and get to indulge in spanking sessions (lucky me!) I also get to work with some of the spanking greats like Snow Mercy and Allison Miller. All the ladies on EE5 were a pleasure to work with, which made for a fun and easy shoot.

I’m in love with Momma Clare as you may know;-)–what’s it like working with the unstoppable Ms. Fonda ? 🙂

You picked a real winner for your love list. Clare is awesome for sure. Sexy and stern, she sure inspires more than a few panty dropping antics on set.

In one of the preview pix, you are getting paddled by Lana, playing the part of “Principal Miller”–what was that butt-burning paddling like?

The paddle was a bruiser! Even for my tough, experienced posterior.

Did you get the hairbrush too or no?

Not in this video. Paddles and hard hand-spankings were the highlight of EE5.

So will you be up for EE6 next year? 🙂 I hope so!

For sure! Perhaps I can come back as a recent graduate who’s lost her way and is in need of a “tune up”. Just saying….

Thank you Nikki and keep up the great work!


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7 thoughts on “Cherry Red Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with Fetish & Spanking Star Nikki Rouge”

  1. I wanna enroll in THAT school district! Maybe I can bribe my way out of the tuition fee, or is that a punishable offense? 🙂

  2. Kelly – we would love to have you! As far as Nikki – we have her booked for a Spanked Callgirls shoot at the end of the month. This time I will get my hands on that ass.

  3. Hi Clare!

    When you get a chance, could you send me your email address to I can’t post anything on you blog page lately since I have an archaic computer and there is some error message when I click on the link from Pixie’s website. AGGGHHH!

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