Katy Spanks Avril: New Illo from Mr. Hyde

In case you didn’t see this as originally posted recently on the Chross blog, here is a lovely ‘photo parody’ by the tireless Graphics Wizard Known as Mr. Hyde, featuring the swoon-inducing Katy Perry punishing the pouty Avril Lavigne.  Hm…though would it not be equally spanktastic to illustrate Avril toasting Ms. Perry’s posterior?? Discuss.

Katy Perry spanking Avril Lavigne

* * * *

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2 Responses to Katy Spanks Avril: New Illo from Mr. Hyde

  1. Mr Hyde says:

    Thanks as always for featuring my work on the blog, Dave!

    It seems even Katy Perry agrees with your idea that she’s in need of a spanking based on this photo of her pretending to spank a poster of herself! (http://img2.imagetitan.com/img.php?image=41_103745.jpg) 😆

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