Behind the Scenes Once Again with Clare Fonda’s Devoted Documentarian of the Disciplined Derriere

How are y’all doing my spanky peeps?

I wanted to travel once again behind the scenes with Clare Fonda’s long-time ace videographer and photographer, simply known as The Cameraman, who was recently interviewed on this blog Here, and has worked with Clare for the past 11 years.

He has shot thousands of hours of tanned tush footage for Clare’s network of crimson ass websites, and has apparently a photographic memory for every glowing buttock and incorrigible lass he has filmed.

Anyway, one night, after arriving home from my coma-inducing day-job, you see, after having downed a healthy dose of Johnny Walker, my alcohol infected brain commenced firing neurons, and I thought: “You know, what if I sent The Cameraman a few fave Clare Fonda pix, both new and old, somewhat randomly selected from my vast archives here at Cherry Red HQ, and let’s test his memory on his red bottom recollections. . . .” Capital idea!

As always, your comments and feedback are welcome as always.

:arrow:By the way, you can view instantly many of Clare’s Fonda’s spanking films pay-per-minute, on-demand on her page Here at CherryRedMovies]

Ashli Orion: Zen Master of Bratting?

I remember discovering how unbelievable zany Ashli Orion [Editorial Note on this spanking photo set: Yum! And love those socks!] was on this shoot.  We had shot her a couple of times before and she was very strong with her reactions, but this is the first shoot in which she went way beyond over-the-top into a new realm of BIG reactions.

[Editorial Note: You can check out Ashli’s XXX adult film work Here.]

I think she enjoys being spanked, but is always shocked by how much it hurts her.  So her reactions are real – and Clare definitely spanked her hard for this Spanked Sweeties scene.  But still, from Ashil’s reactions one might think Clare was using a chainsaw on her ass.

I must say, when Clare tells me Ashli is on the schedule, I get very happy.  And when it is time for Ashli to leave for the day, she has a special “good-bye” just for me – she jumps into my arms and grinds into my chest, and she makes wild sex noises.  How could I not love Ashli ??

Sierra Salem: Simply Stunning But Where is She Now??

I don’t really remember too much about this scene in which Sierra Salem was spanked for Spanked Sweeties. [Editorial Note: Whatever happened to Sierra? My God…those white panties…. *swoons and dies*]

I do remember that it was filmed on Clare’s incredibly squeaky bed and that, although we weren’t prepared for Sierra revealing during her interview that she was spanked once after a soccer game,  somehow Clare managed to dig through her seemingly unlimited wardrobe to find something that looked very much like a soccer uniform.

Cherry: An Angel Who Has Lost Her Halo

This was another shoot done a few years ago for Sweeties, again on Clare’s squeaky bed.  I think Cherry has a last name, but it escapes me (Do you like her Dave because your site is called Cherry Red?). [Editorial Note: Umm…well errm, why yes, I certainly do favor the cherry reddish hue, generally speaking, plus she’s a stunner, and has a lil cherry tattoo…]

Anyway, Cherry had some interesting tats – that were, of course, cherries.  She was really into spanking and could take a very hard one.  Seeing this photos makes me wonder what became of her.  She was great for spanking shoots, but I haven’t seen her anywhere lately.

On a technical note, this is a frame grab, which means it has less resolution than the other photos you selected.  But it’s a nice angle, I must have been on the floor with the camera (or more likely I had a small tripod on the floor) to get this shot.

Brea Bennett: Punished by “Momma” Clare

In my opinion, Brea Bennett is the most stunning model we ever filmed.  I think she is Jessica Alba-esque.  Honestly, I have shot other models who are more my type personally (I really mean this for those of you other amazing models I have shot who might be reading this) – but in terms of classic looks, what you might see from the glamour mags or movie studios, Brea is it.

[Editorial Note: Perv over to some of Brea’s XXX adult film vids over Here. @@!]

I would like to remaster Brea’s content some day,  though there will be some challenges to that (formatting issues).  But I’d love to get this content out there again with higher quality, because she not only looked great, but was one of those who could not take it hard — and therefore gave incredibly real reactions to Clare’s pushing the limits spankings.

Alanah Rae: File Under: “Bodacious Backside”

When I saw Alanah Rae [Editorial Note: check out her porn work Here], my jaw hit the floor.  She is super hot – face and body– and she has an amazing bootie. Personally, this pre-boob job shoot we did with Alanah was my favorite Alanah shoot [Editorial Note: one of my favest all-time galleries…tight jeans heaven….] – I like her look and reactions in this shoot more than all the later ones, though she is always great.

We did a big shoot with her recently that is now running on Girl Spanks Girl, but that one is post-boob job.  Again, it’s just my personal preference.  The thing I probably remember most from this first shoot with her, though, is how she admitted that her mom still spanks her to this day.

It may not be the kind of spanking we all would imagine that goes on for 10 minutes or more, but her mom believes and practices the old motto “you are never too old for a spanking,” which of course in Alannah’s case is really cool to imagine.  Especially if her mom looks like Stiffler’s Mom from “American Pie,” which I imagine she does.

Sarah Gregory: OTK Goddess

To be honest, I have forgotten the top’s name, but I remember that she was great verbally, but didn’t spank hard enough for my taste – especially since Chloe Elise and Sarah Gregory can both take sound spankings.

I know Clare spanks both ladies later in this shoot, and gives them a good one.  So it’s definitely worth checking out on Girl Spanks Girl. Chloe and Sarah are two of my favorites and of course two of the top spanking models in the biz!

And as you can see from this photo, it involves one girl peeking in on another getting spanked – which is something a little challenging to light, but something lots of fans like to see.

Kay Richards Punished by Ms. Fonda

I love this photo and there is no one I enjoy shooting more than Kay Richards.  In my book, she has always been spectacular in her shoots, and there have been hundreds of shoots with Kay.  We shot her as a “Never Been Spanked” girl on her 23rd birthday – she answered an ad on Craig’s List.

It was her first shoot of any kind. And we have shot her soooooo many times since that time (again all fantastic) and so I can’t remember much about the shoot you pulled this photo from.  But she went from Never Being Spanked to Spanked a Helluva Lot.

Kay takes a hard spanking and Clare will always bring it when Kay is the bottom, which judging from Kay’s reaction in this photo, she was getting it good.  But Kay is featured on Mary Jane’s shoot on Sweeties, which is just now running – and she plays Mary Jane’s babysitter, who spanked Mary Jane in real life.  And Kay gets a good spanking from Mary Jane – playing one of her co-workers at a dungeon.


:arrow:POST-SCRIPT: Ah, so much tushy, so little time, so many models and delicious pix that I wish I had asked The Cameraman about for this post — perhaps I could do a Part 2 if you are interested, my fellow spankos?? I’d love to ask The Cameraman about, for example, to name just a few, Annabelle Lee……..Niki Flynn…….Kissy Capri……Isobel Wren.……April O’Neil……..Brynn Tyler rockin’ those daisy dukes(!)……and on and on it goes…..

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7 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes Once Again with Clare Fonda’s Devoted Documentarian of the Disciplined Derriere”

  1. I am very curious to find out among all of the spanking models which ones actually do NOT love or even like getting spanked. I LOVE getting spanked so I would need very hard ones to react with genuine squirming, teeth gritting and about 25 “ow F@#KS! throughout a shoot. 🙂

  2. That’s Lena Ramon topping Sarah Gregory and Steve Fuller with Sierra. Thanks for the article, Dave and thanks to The Cameraman for all the memories. I will never forget how much noise Ashli made in the scene. She sure is a little shit talker who can play very subby as well if need be.

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