CherryRedReport: Hit By Hackers but Problem Solved

Hi all,

This site was maliciously hacked into several days ago, but the hounds have been released and the offending issue has been resolved, so I will be back to blogging spanky stuff as soon as possible.  Yeah, I was freakin’ upset abut this, to say the least…..

Also, will be looking into ways of boosting security, to prevent this from happening again.

As an fyi, more information about this topic can be found at

Thank you for your support and your patience!

Keep it cherry red,


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7 thoughts on “CherryRedReport: Hit By Hackers but Problem Solved”

  1. I’m so glad you sorted it out. I was reluctant to remove you from my blogroll, even though people were getting messages on my blog about malware from yours and cutiepie’s.


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