A Major Publishing Event From Shadow Lane: “The Art of Spanking” Volume One

We have breaking news! This just in: Spanking erotica pioneers Shadow Lane have announced today that they are publishing a 63-page magazine called “The Art of Spanking, Volume One.”

This is their first magazine publication in 10 years, featuring a heaping dose of steamy sizzling spanking photo sets and delicious artwork and articles, including unreleased illos by master illustrator Brian Tarsis. And it’s wonderful to see scene superstar Samantha Woodley grace the cover of the first issue.

I have so missed the days of having an actual magazine to curl up with that focuses on the adult spanking fetish; thusly, we here at CRR HQ are super psyched about this publishing news.

And it was because of Shadow Lane [btw you can watch their classic spanking movies on-demand Here], that I first realized I was “not alone” with these cherry red interests, and remember nervously sending away for their classic magazines that left me intrigued, amazed and feeling good about being a spanko.

So it’s epic awesomeness to see them publishing an actual, old-fashioned magazine yet again.

:arrow:Here is more info directly from Shadow Lane:

“Shadow Lane’s first publication in ten years heralds our reentry into the world of spanking magazines.  In the 1980’s, Shadow Lane was the driving force behind the enormously popular Spank Hard; in the 1990’s, we reinvented the corporal punishment publication genre with the artistically designed, editorially substantial Stand Corrected.

“Many enthusiasts agreed that Stand Corrected was so informatively upbeat, and rendered with such a light and subtle tough that it was the first publication to actually leave it’s readers “feeling good” about being into spanking.

“We now present our most elegantly designed collector’s piece ever, our own ART OF SPANKING, featuring our most exquisite photography shot over the last ten years, with an evocatively playful running commentary on the actions portrayed, the poses struck and the attitudes expressed by our talented performers, by one of the world’s most widely read spanking authors, Eve Howard.

“This beautifully designed all color publication, displays all the favorite, classic spanking positions, adopted by our most charismatic models, dressed in the handsomest clothes and revealing the daintiest lingerie prior to exposing the rosily perfect bare bottom images that fantasies are made of.

“Artfully and whimsically laid out by the preeminent graphic designer of the spanking scene, Butch Simms, THE ART OF SPANKING is elegant enough to place on a coffee table or library shelf while still being explicitly erotic enough to take to bed.

“A collectable keepsake for the connoisseur of spanking art, this new publication also features a stunning gallery of largely previously unpublished Brian Tarsis illustrations.”


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