Cherry Red Exclusive Interview: Talking Spanko with Miss Betty of Real Spankings Network

What’s up my spanky peeps? We are quite thrilled to post this exclusive Q&A with Miss Betty aka Betty Blaze, one of the top spankers [and spankees] at the long-running Real Spankings Network, led by their flagship RealSpankings website, and their spanking Institute site.

[You can also watch many of their earlier red-assed material “On-demand” via CherryRedMovies on their studio page Here.]

We chat about RealSpankings new private studio and fresh new models; embracing her “inner spanko;” Miss Betty’s favest spanko toys; and heaps more bun-blazing yummyness.

In addition to her cherry-red oriented interests, Betty is also a retro-inspired pin-up model, burlesque dancer, circus aerialist, among other diverse pursuits. [As always, your comments/feedback are encouraged and appreciated.] :smile:

Thank you very much for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report. How are you doing these days?

I’m fantastic! Working a lot at the Real Spankings Studio, and we have lots of exciting things going on around here. Livin, lovin, and lots of laughing — oh, and lots and lots of spanking.

No doubt about that. There seems to be a lot of spanktastic, cherry-reddening activity at the Real Spankings Network, from all the gorgeous new models to, I believe, you have a new studio? Can you fill us in on the latest ?

We have decided to change things up a bit and allow for more shooting options.  As a result, we now have a 7,000 sq. ft. location, which is on a fenced and gated three acres, with a pool and hot tub.

The location is a large estate, so while it is not in the woods, we have three acres of manicured property with an 8ft stone wall around the perimeter.   For the first time, we will now have the ability to shoot outdoors whenever we want.  We are all very excited about the different options this new space provides.

Way too much fun to be able to just step out the door for some filming!

As far as new models go we have welcomed a fantastic new group of girls to the family. Including- Lila, Maggie, Erin, Ivy, Alexa, Frankie and Sophie!! Also, with the return of some of our favorite models like Jasmine and Kailee, we are really happy to have them back! And to top it off, Danny Crighton, Miss Vaughn and Mr. King are back as well.

Speaking of new models, for example, Erin is quite exquisite. How did you find this beauty, and what’s it like tanning her bodacious perky bottom?

Erin responded to an advertisement and was very excited to pursue her spanking modeling career. How is it spanking her? Well, she is still building on her pain tolerance, so we still can’t spank her super hard but she is trying really hard and is always up for a challenge! I love spanking her petite little bottom! Lord knows she deserves it! She can be SUCH a BRAT.

Lila is wonderfully spankable and gorgeous *swoon* How do you like working with her?

Lila is a wonderful model. Definitely a life-styler and I really love that about her. She’s always excited to get spanked and is always ready for a really hard punishment. I enjoy the little noises she makes when she’s receiving a spanking as well.

She is someone I believe we will be seeing in the scene for a long time. She’s a super hot, kinky, spankable girl! Who could ask for anything more? Our 1st shoot with Lila, I can assure you, she did not disappoint us, nor did we disappoint her.

You know you have hired well, when during her “punishment profile” she states that “I really just love anything smacking on my bare bottom, a belt, a whip, cane, and paddle, whatever…I just love it.”  I think you will love it to.

On a side note, I wish these models didn’t have so many tattoos–what’s your feeling on all the ink?

I think everyone is entitled to express themselves how they see fit. I find most tattoos so beautiful, especially the ones with thought and reason behind them. I know lots of us have gotten tattoos early on we may regret, but that was our choice.

It’s the same thing as wearing some crazy hairstyle, or having a piercing, or wearing clothes you think represent who you are. I don’t have any problems with it. I love girls who have tattoos, and those girls who don’t.

I think its each individuals personal artist and self expression and whatever makes them happy, that’s the most important. And I feel like at RealSpankings we do a good job of representing lots of different kind of models, and who they want to be on camera and in real life.

In regards to shooting, what is the atmosphere typically like on the set?

We are super laid back and have a lot of fun on the set! We try to make everyone feel at home, comfortable, like they can joke around with us, and I believe we do a fantastic job in that department.

No doubt do we get down to business and produce amazing scenes, but we laugh, listen to music during set ups, goof around and tell crazy stories. I feel for the majority of the people on staff and models involved, that we feel like one big happy family.

btw….Is the Real Spankings Institute hiring any Professors of Spankology? I”m current available.

Hmmm…. *wink* We may just be! I’ll just need your resume and references, sir.

I will have my assministrator take care of this ASAP. Anyway, I believe you have some top-notch new Tops? Miss Vaughan I believe and several others?

We have the infamous Danny Crighton- who has been in the scene for a very long time. He has shot with some other companies and fantastic models in his career and we are lucky enough to have him join the Real Spankings Network. He’s got one heck of a swing. Believe me, I know from experience! Yeowch.

Miss Vaughn is also a new addition to the female spanking family. She is a life long spanko and plays off camera as well. She’s a fantastic lady and is learning her way with all of the implements and naughty ladies of RS.

We also brought back Mr. King, who shot for us at our old studio. He was delighted to get the phone call asking if he would like to come and re-join us to do some top notch discipline, and he of course gladly agreed.

We are happy to have them all as a part of the family.

I don’t know too much about the history of RS. What is your role at RS Network? How did you get started in this biz? I believe Michael Masterston(?) is the other top spanko there?

Wow well get ready for some long answers here….

I got started with RealSpankings in 2003 and just started out as a spanking model. I was still of course figuring this whole “spanking” thing out at the time and exploring where I wanted to go with it, and where I belonged. I feel like a whole new world had been opened up to me that I didn’t really know had existed… or I had secretly wished I could do something like that, and finally here was RealSpankings to give me that opportunity.

I modeled for them for a while before I was offered a job to not only model as a “switch” but also to take some other responsibilities on in the offices of RSN. I was helping with model coordination, photography, video, wardrobe and other things as well.

After a few years I took some time off and a leave of absence from the scene. And recently just came back where I am now running pretty much everything to do with the models. I am modeling and spanking, helping produce a scene or two here and there, interviewing new girls and really just trying to be helpful wherever I can around here!

Now on the topic of Michael Masterson- yes, he is the “Head Pervert” here, as he calls himself. He started RealSpankings in 1996. It was the first spanking website of its kind when he began!

You can follow Mr. Masterson on his blog located at The Spanking Blog.

If you’re interested in more about him, you may want to interview him. Not only is he extremely intelligent and has written the book on safe spanking, he also has a PhD in psychology. He knows all of the inner workings of this place. I thank him very much for his continued efforts in the spanking world, for being a great friend and role model, for teaching me, and for employing me here at RealSpankings.

I read somewhere, maybe your website’s forum, that you are considering live private discipline sessions on Real Spankings? or maybe it was a reader suggestion…like a live webcam? or I thought I heard that…Sounds intriguing if so….

I don’t recall…I do think something with a live webcam could be a lot of fun though; maybe some sort of LIVE spanking for members. I think there are pros and cons to this, but it could be something to be explored. I haven’t played around a lot with webcams, Im a little slow on all this technology. I’m kind of an old school girl.

You are equally lovely as both a bottom warmer and as a spankee yourself. Do you gravitate toward one role or the other, or like both equally or ?

I feel like I go through phases, where I enjoy one side more than the other. Recently I have been much more drawn to the submissive side. I think I have some deep down yearning to be punished, like there’s more I want to explore and have some things that I need to work through.

That’s part of the reason I have been so excited about our new Vintage Series, because I get to explore a little more of a few of my fetishes. I can be a bit more of an actress, wear vintage clothing, and experience playing with a bit more of a different theme of things.

I love “topping” though, I do find as I have gotten older it makes more sense, and I can get a bit more in tune with that part of my being. I enjoy the fact that I can play both roles. I think it gives me a better perception of what either part if going through at different times, and that being said I can be a better spanker and spankee for those reasons.

Are there certain fantasies/scenarios that are your personal fav?

I haven’t lived out most of my spanking fantasies on film to be honest. I have observed many, many scenes that I have often thought… oh I wish that was me!! More now than ever I am very drawn to any kind of restrained spanking.

I am a fan of anything sort of dungeon-esque. So as far as a scenario that I PERSONALLY would like to be involved in, would be something in some sort of dungeon, with restraints, possible gag, blindfold, and lots of floggers and all around spanking. Some hair pulling is always nice. =)  I enjoy it very much. Oh have I said too much?

Some other things I really enjoy are just long punishments with not a lot of dialogue. I’m a huge fan of our faces series in that aspect. Sometimes I feel like with out much being said, during a punishment I can reach inside me to battle with whatever inner conflicts I have going on, deal with stress release, and sometimes just cry. And I feel like our series “faces” can let models express themselves in a much more “realistic” way, if that makes sense.

And honestly, I haven’t been dominated by a woman in a long time and it’s something I would love to experience again someday.

As a spanker, what is your favest implement and why?

Hmmm… my favorite implement to spank with would probably be a nice heavy black strap, although I am VERY fond of all of the nice wooden paddles I have received from Poppa, of Poppa’s Paddles. It’s so hard to choose! I’ve gone through phases of favorite implements.. I used to LOVE floggers. I still do but don’t get to use them as much. But right now I would say one of Poppa’s Paddles, or a nice heavy black strap.

I’ve seen some preview pix of nude spankings on the RS Network–however I typically prefer when the spankee is semi-clothed i.e jeans tangled at the ankles.  I just think it’s sexier and more “realistic,” so to speak.  Any thoughts on this spanktastic topic?

Well I feel like most realistic spankings do happen while the spankee is clothed. And that a lot of times there’s a progression to the spanking, so it can start out fully clothed, move to panties, move to bare bottom and then possibly to fully nude.

We do lots of spankings on our site that involve all of these levels of nudity.

I do agree though, that it seems much more realistic to have the person being spanked be semi clothed. =)

But you know we all wanna see that red bottom!

Would you consider yourself a lifelong spanko?

I don’t think so. I think as I have gotten older and experimented more with spanking, that I have found it to be one of my favorite growing kinks. I love it more and more as time goes on.

I can’t say I’ve always been “into” it. It’s something I was always curious about but never had the correct “partner” to experiment with. When I found RealSpankings I was really excited and nervous, because as curious as I was about it, what if it turned out that I really didn’t like it? But alas, the inner spanko in me has emerged.

[If i may ask, as everyone is prob curious…] any idea what Brandi and Jess are up to these days? as I know they left the scene quite some time ago.

I’m honestly not totally sure what the girls are up too, I believe Brandi went off to pursue some schooling somewhere and haven’t the slightest clue what Jessica is up too these days. Sorry!

What are some of your non-fetish vanilla hobbies and passions?

I am pretty active outside of spanko-land. I work out quite a bit, I am a dancer or burlesque performer, and performer of the circus arts. Yes, I suppose I’m a carnie! And that’s awesome in my book!

I LOVE to shop, shoe shopping and scrounging for anything vintage is SO much fun! I recently found these “Zombie Shoes” that are to DIE for!!

I am a pin up and alternative model for outside photographers as well, that keeps me very busy! I am a huge horror and gore fan, weird maybe, but I have a huge collection of anything Zombie oriented, Tim Burton themed, as well as my favorite dark little girl “Emily the Strange.” Other favorite things include accordions, vintage erotica, striped stockings, corsets, lip gloss, Burlesque, retro inspired lingerie, glitter, scary movies, my kitties and sleepovers!!

Any future plans for RS Network we should know about?

We are working on some exciting new things that I am sworn to secrecy not to tell!

But what I will tell you is, we are working on some new DVD ideas that will be SURE to knock your socks off. As well as all of the new content we are filming in our new studio, its all turning out so wonderfully. There may be some new models here down the line as well.

I am also hoping to expand the Vintage Series that we have started and I know Mr. M has some exciting new ideas and series that he would love to do.

There’s a lot coming up for the fans and members of The RealSpankings Network — please stay tuned!

Thanks again for your time, and keep up the fine cherry reddening!


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