Seasons Spankings To One and All; Holiday Spanking Pix; And Why All Elves Need Spankings

Santa spanking naughty girl

Just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful, happy, safe and hopefully cherry red holiday season! [Love this illo, though I’m unsure who the artist is.] Addendum 12-31: Whoa….Just found this supah’ hawt Santa spanking gallery. uh huh.


But wait, there’s more! Here’s a few Seasonal Spanko Galleries

:arrow:To keep things warm, here are some wonderful eye candy imagery of mischievous elves getting their elvish buns tanned, from the amazing Sarah Gregory. Elves just always seem to end up with toasted bottoms. Why is that? Hm…..[Though my favest recently gallery from Sarah is this bikini-themed hawtness Here.]

Sarah Gregory: Lazy Elves Gallery 1

Sarah Gregory: Lazy Elves Gallery 2

Sarah Gregory: Lazy Elves Gallery 3

:arrow:And of course, Clare Fonda [pictured at right] always presents sizzling, seasonal naughtyness at this time, such as this holiday-themed spanking gallery. And of course the fabtastic Isobel Wren provides plenty of cherry red warmth in this new gallery. As does this Exclusive Education recap gallery. Yum.

:arrow:Firm Hand Spanking chimes in the holly jolly goodness with a scenario featuring both Alison Miller [pictured below] AND Samantha Woodley(!). Uh huh!

They apparently play Santa’s helpers [Check out free vid clip and pix Here] who somehow mistakenly put on the wrong costume.  Cherry red bottoms ensue.

:arrow:On a side note, do you think this naughty elf by the name of Karla Spice needs a spanking or two? *swoons*

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