Blog Under Serious Construction

After years of hesitation and denial, I updated my WordPress from a VERY outdated, possibly ancient, version to the latest, coolest and more secure WP version; thusly, have to to re-design and tweak and do a lot of work on the blog. The template was wicked old, so I had no choice but to ditch it, and work on a new template. OK wtf where the hell did my link list go? Found it.

This is going to take me a lottttt longer than I had though, as I need to learn the new WordPress, the new templates, a completely new editor and interface, everything. Zoinks.

Anyway, thank you for your patience, loyalty and kind words…. and keep it cherry red. 🙂 [Stay tuned for lots more interviews and features, steamy art, spanko news, reviews and more yummy goodness.]

In the meantime, enjoy some pay-per-minute, on-demand viewing from CherryRedMovies, and enjoy 20minutes for free. YES!

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7 thoughts on “Blog Under Serious Construction”

  1. Sorry to hear its been a hassle for you – hopefully you stick with it, I love reading your blog. Your description of the ‘wicked old’ template had me grinning. As a New Englander exiled in the Midwest I rarely hear wicked anymore! Out here that template would be ‘super old’ which is just wicked stupid if you ask me….

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