Spanking Magazines I Wish Were Actually Real

How are you my spanky peeps?  Hope everyone in the snow storm’s path in the U.S. is  safely hunkering down for this mega storm, effecting approx two thirds of the country. So let’s warm you up a bit, shall we? You see, well, I simply love creating faux or parody graphics, movie posters, magazines, spanko revolution propaganda posters, comic strips, etc in regards to this little fetish of ours: not the most original concept, but, I just enjoy it.

Here are a few “not real” red-ass magazine editions, but certainly wish they were available for perusing! [BTW, hope you read the news re: ShadowLane once again publishing a real magazine called “The Art of Spanking”–yes!]  Anyway, let me know if you’d like to see more silly graphics and such like this?  Above we have one of my favest all-time Rosaleen Young images in the history of the universe, pic sourced from the Spanking Online folks, squirming over Elizabeth Simpson’s seasoned lap [oh, those red pj’s…pigtails too….*swoon*], and below the delicious source pic is a screen-grab I took from a steamy British spank vid called “Best of English Discipline Vol 8”….featuring one of the yummiest spankees I have ever seen; her reactions and mannerisms reminds me of Rosaleen Young actually. Alas, I know not her name.

* * *

Heaps of new spanky titles over at CRM for your viewing pleasure–hope you enjoy…..You can watch 20min for free if you want, and give it a whirl:

Freshly updated...the best in pay-per-minute spanking goodness.
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4 thoughts on “Spanking Magazines I Wish Were Actually Real”

  1. I think this is a wonderful idea. Imagine being sent by your Top to go and buy that magazine? I think I might die of shyness.

    (Another Rosaleen fan here)

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