The Return of Spanko Artist “Klauth”

He’s backkk…….It’s been a while since we had last featured one of my favest spanko artists: Klauth. But apparently, my fellow spanky peeps, he’s been busy with some new cherry red creations, thankfully — to wit, check out this hot-off-the-press, delightfully sizzling artwork from Mr. Klauth:

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4 Responses to The Return of Spanko Artist “Klauth”

  1. Hi Dave
    That’s a fantastic banner. I haven’t visited your site for a while but I really enjoyed the content, could not believe the Kami Tora interview.


  2. Michael says:

    Wonderful artwork by Klauth! He packs so much into one scene. Thanks for bringing it to us, Dave.

  3. cherryred says:

    hi Emanuele: I’m happy you like the new Kami Tora interview, and the new banner 🙂

    Thx Michael–stay tuned for more artwork by Klauth….

  4. tim says:

    little sister watching her sister spanked by nanny .

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