Cherry Red Interview: Amber

She’s won The Cherry Red Report’s “Rookie Tushy of the Year” several years back. She’s been featured in magazines ranging from Maxim to Hustler.

And this glamorous, ravishing red-headed vixen, Amber, whose retro pin-up style beauty induces awe, is also, praise be the Gods, a life-long spanko with a taste for cherry red, glowing hot bottoms — both as a squirming miscreant as seen on her SpankAmber site, and luscious spanker as well on her highly erotic, explicit Amber Spanks site.

Anyway, it’s been a while since CRR featured Amber, so we chatted to see what’s up in Amber’s world.

Thank you Amber for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report. Been a while since I’ve featured you on this blog–how have you been?

I’m having a blast!

I see you are doing lots of webcam model work–I’m very curious what that experience like and if you enjoy it?

I absolutely adore working as a webcam model online, as I get to interact live with people, meet great friends, have cool conversations and even have have “cyberdoms.”

I don’t know that much about webcams–can you fill us in how you it all works, for both you and the “audience” ?

Basically, you get to direct me in your very own live private show. You have the ability to tell me, for example, what to wear, what to spank myself with, how hard, what toy to play with, hear me and interact with me. I can also watch you on your webcam as I play for you.

What have been some crazy/weird/off-beat requests?

There’s a guy who likes me to wrap my ankle in an ace bandage for him and prop it so he can see it. The other show I have on has to be closed toe and he like everyday girl next door clothing. He likes me to wiggle my toes in the ace bandage and complain that it hurts and I can barely wiggle my toes, then he has me ask him to kiss my toes.

Another one is a guy who had me masturbate with yellow dish washing gloves. I never judge, just oblige. This is obviously a much more interesting job then when I used to be receptionist and data entry worker.

Has anyone requested you do any live on-cam spanking?

Oh yes! I have a couple spankos that talk to me in “private” and make me paddle myself hard bent over. I love how specific they are. I’ve been filming some of these scenes and uploading them to my members area sites.

You spank some stunning hotties on your AmberSpanks site–how is that going and what is that like? Where do you find these naughties?

Why, thank you. I love handpicking lovelies to spank. I spank hot girls as often as I can; in fact I’m so excited I have my first ebony goddess that I spank very soon. Regarding hiring models, I find the girls on random modeling sites, although I just got in trouble for posting casting calls on one of them because models aren’t supposed to post jobs 🙁 And I get a lot of leads from photogs I worked with who send girls my way — they must want to see them spanked!

When did you launch the AmberDawnNude site? How are you enjoying working on it?

We launched this site in May 2009, and I love working on it. It also helps to break up the the usual spanking shoots with something different. If I had it my way it would all be consolidated on one large site, but not everyone’s into spankings so I made it separate. Also I do 5 hours of live cam shows on this site, and also sometime create special member only shows which are so fun because I get to do whatever I want.

Are you still doing glamour photo shoots and such as well?  You absolutely have that iconic pin-up style look.

Thank you. I am but not as often, because I’m doing so well with the web-camming, so it’s hard to get me to want to leave my house! I did just shoot for an Italian magazine  called ALULA. And they picked some red booty pics and also re-published some pix from Maxim Espanol.

Sweetttt…..Are you shooting with other companies and photographers these days?

I have not shot for any other spanking sites, but I did work with Holly Randall where I spanked Isobel Wren, who is so adorable. My solo shoots of my red butt got published in the November 2010 issue of Hustler Taboo magazine.

Are you into bondage and S&M in addition to the spanko fetish that we see on SpankAmber?

Yes I’m getting more into into it lately, as my Daddy’s been tying me up lately in shibari style and wants to shoot more of it. Also one of my cyberdoms introduced me to nipple clamps, butt plugs,  hot wax, ice, and clothespins.

If I may ask, who is the “Daddy” you refer to?

Daddy is my real life bf/master and he runs all the sites with me and takes all the photos and does all the filming. He also makes all the music on the site himself.

Regarding your famous figure, you do anything special to stay in shape?

I’ve been working out on with my Wii video game system that Daddy got for me over the holidays, and the EA-Sports Active 2 is kicking my ass. Plus lots of lunges squats and rockclimbers. Feel the burn baby, and like my Daddy always says: No Pain, No Gain.

One of my faves is an over the knee spanking pic-set of you in white pj’s with strawberries on them — do you remember that per chance?

Oh yes I do — that’s my spanking scene called “tequila” where I do a couple shots of tequila and then get spanked otk for that. And I think I got the wooden spoon, too. I just bought some new pjs from Vickies [Victoria’s Secret] and I want to do an anniversary special of a similar spanking, shot the same way, but this time in new pjs and in our new house.

Yes! Thank you Amber and keep up the spanktastic, epic cherry red work.

Thank You!

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5 thoughts on “Cherry Red Interview: Amber”

  1. Great interview, I have a lot of time for Amber, I love her work and always love showcasing her fine films! Easily becoming one of the best F/F producers out there IMHO! Maybe “Daddy” will let me spank her one day for my site? *sigh* (& pigs will fly…) 😀

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