Dave’s Daisy Dukes Addiction Disorder

Alexis Grace on Sweeties.

Hi. My name is Dave. And I’m addicted to daisy dukes short-shorts.

As some of you may know, well, I have a bit of a obsession fetish passion, you see, for daisy dukes and various short-shorts styles that continues unabated.

And thusly, when this diminutive article of delicious denim is therefore combined with the spanko fetish, my brain synapses go into overload. [Don’t get me started on skin-tight jeans. That’s for another post.]

Here are several delicious examples of recent red-assed daisy duke spanking goodness from Clare Fonda’s flagship Spanked Sweeties site, or available via the better-valued multi-site pass. [You can also watch some of Clare’s films on-demand on her studio page Here.]

What I love about Sweeties is not only the cherry hot bottoms, but also the unusually candid and quite detailed interviews Clare features with these models, regarding their real-life spanking experiences, which are then often re-enacted in the vids.


Now here we have the legendary and long-time “Man Known Simply as The Camerman” for Clare Fonda, who is playing the stern Daddy in this scene, teaching the stunning vixen and “naughty daughter” Alexis Grace a good, steamy-hot, old-fashioned lesson — OTK-style. Geezus what a pic series/one of my faves. . .Uh huh.

Whoa…..Ah yes, almost forgot this splendid daisy dukes image featuring the incorrigible minx Brynn Tyler receiving some behavior modification from her stern Mom, played wonderfully by the inimitable Clare Fonda.

“Now wait, can’t I just get a time-out??”

MORE NEWS FROM CLARE FONDA: Be sure to perv over and check out some more spanking galleries of the yumtastic Alexis Grace receiving some parental discipline for being caught smoking Here [love those panties!] and over Here, the last of which includes some mouth-soaping action, for those so inclined.

In other cherry red, hot-off-the-press news from Clare Fonda, we have the unstoppable Amber Pixie Wells spanked by Ariel X; the too-cute to spank(?) Lindsay Meyers; a new never-been-spanked lass by the name of Nena in a sizzling scene with Nikki Rouge; a wonderful hairbrush scene featuring Lana and 2 new beauties; Clare Fonda herself getting disciplined by Miss Chris and brought to tears; male brat Kade getting punished by the bodacious bubble-butted Mary JaneStay tuned for more news from Clare. . .

MORE JEAN SHORTS NEWS: Featured below, we have this excellent scene from the quite hot and brand new site Triple A Spanking, which stars site founder and chief perv John Osborne spanking, and I believe drooling uncontrollably over the sizzling bottom of Jasmine Lau.

Would you consider these "daisy duke" shorts ?

Truth be told, these shorts featured recently on the Triple A site simply must be shorter, with a dash of bare derriere on display, to thusly be officially deemed “daisy dukes.”  

In more jean shorts sightings news, we have another brand new site: the “amateur” spanking site called Marked Butts which features a gorgeous scene, with the spanker Kyle Johnson and an un-named stunner in tiny pink shorty-shorts:

Tiny pink shorts? Life is good.

Finally, I almost forgot to include this recent classic image [below] from Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking site, featuring the awesome Ariel X just rockin’ those super snug shorts.  This is from a fantastic informative and instructional video by Chelsea called “How to Give a Good Spanking” — this is must-see TV and required viewing for all spankos.


P.S. I do think the greatest ever spanking/daisy duke image in the history of the world is this awe-inspiring photo featuring Chelsea Pfeiffer and Jade, which I believe won a “Cherry” award in years past.

P.S.S. If you are into pix of various models and porn starlets galavanting around in the skimpiest of shorts, I do have a small side project that is simply a repository of short-shorts smut called Daisy Dukes Report. You have been warned!


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6 thoughts on “Dave’s Daisy Dukes Addiction Disorder”

  1. Good taste, Dave.

    Besides skin tight jeans, tight shorts, and boy shorts underwear are THE most flattering bottom huggers a brat can wear. Just my opinion and I’ll stand by it!

  2. I hate to be the fashion police but the jean shorts in question on the Triple A Spanking site are suffering an identity crisis. They sooo want to be Daisy Dukes, but they’re caught somewhere in the dreaded Bermuda triangle.

    Checked out your Daisy Dukes site, too. You busy, busy blogger, you. Nice!



  3. Thanks Kelly–I concur wholeheartedly 🙂

    lol Pink…yes, “identity crisis” indeed.

    Thank you for your comments 🙂

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