Cherry Red Book Spotlight: Kink and the City

Hello fellow spankos. We have some publishing news from lifelong spanko and talented scribe John Smith, who has recently penned “Kink and the City: An Englishman in New York,” a humorous, autobiographical chronicle of his journeys and adventures through the spanking and fetish/kink scene in Manhattan and elsewhere.

Perv over to for more info and to read some of the rave reviews the book has garnered.

John told The Cherry Red Report: “This effort was deliberately written, first and foremost, to amuse…I also wanted to write about the truth that this delightful ‘niche’ of ours is populated with some genuinely nice and fascinating people (not just nutters and unsavoury types), essentially saying to the world, kink/spanking doesn’t have to be dark, forbidding and scary.”

From the book’s inside cover:

This is the true story of John Smith. A man who discovered that unsuspectingly renting a room from a professional Dominatrix at the tender age of sixteen tends to influence character development. Years of playing in the London spanking and fetish scene followed until one day, unexpectedly, his fun and games came to an end. Now, almost a decade later, he’s moving to Manhattan and determined to seek out other like-minded people to share his interests once again. Kink and the City is the hilarious account of what happened next…

In other cherry red news……


Spanko erotica pioneers Shadow Lane have just released for on-demand viewing an awe-inducing 90-minute compilation of 21 spanko starlets getting their bouncing buns lovingly toasted, called “No Ifs, Ands–Just Butts!” From Sierra Salem to Samantha Woodley, from Amelia Jane Rutherford to Abigail Whittaker, this is one spanking film that is a must-see, for sure.

According to Shadow Lane: “In response to popular demand, Shadow Lane presents a big, juicy, hour and a half compendium of bare bottom spanking close up, featuring our most glamorous and shapely submissives, receiving the corporal punishment they deserve.” Watch it now at CherryRedMovies. [If you haven’t tried this pay-per-minute spanking video site out yet, newbies can try it out and watch 20-minutes for free, with access to thousands of new, and rare, spank films. Yes!]


The tireless Clare Fonda has just unveiled a beautiful amber-haired minx to the Spanked Sweeties site, by the name of Lynn Leona, for both some old-fashioned domestic spanking as well as candid interviews about her spanko background and history. [Sweeties can also be accessed via the multi-site Clare Fonda Pass.]

Here are a few sneak peak pix. Enjoy 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Cherry Red Book Spotlight: Kink and the City”

  1. I’ve actually read this and it totally rocks! Its both extremely funny but also very serious at the same time. A very unusual combination. This guy certainly knows his stuff and has most certainly ‘been there and done it’, but he does it in a way that he makes fun of himself (and everyone else). Never read a spanking book like it.

  2. I’m so glad you’re getting the word out about Kink and the City. I love the mix of exciting scenes with laugh out loud funny anecdotes—like the parrot who happily recreates the sounds of spanking, and the clueless locksmith. Oh, yeah, I also like that I’m in the book as “Penny,” setting up my worldwide spanking friends!

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