Cherry Red Exclusive Interview: Triple A Spanking

We are pleased to present an interview with long-time spanko and tushy-tanner John Osborne, who recently started up a new butt-burning spanko ventured called Triple A Spanking.  The site features spanking starlets Leia-Ann Woods, Pandora Blake, Kami Robertson, Jasmine Lau, and more. We talk about the downsides to spanking beautiful bottoms for a living; bikini panties vs. thongs; Jasmine and her questionable daisy dukes, and other fascinating topics of the cherry red variety.

Thank you John for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report.

It’s my pleasure, Dave. I always enjoy reading your interviews, and it’s great to be the subject of one. I’m honored!

Considering there are heaps and heaps of spanking sites on the Interwebs, what sparked your decision to start your own red-ass spanking site, Triple A?

It wasn’t an easy decision and I know there are lots of sites out there. I guess I became fed up with being on the periphery of various spanking sites, so I thought, to hell with it, I can try to do better in my own little way.

Jasmine Lau gets her jean-shorts peeled down, and learns a lesson the old-fashioned way.

I know what I like, I think I know what also sells, so I thought why not cater to that? I know this isn’t going to make me a ton of money, as I know anything I do make, it goes straight back into production and debt that I borrowed to start up the site. There are plenty of sites out there but there’s also plenty of dross I’d be ashamed to be associated with. Basically, I want to start to change that, in my own small way, and see where it goes.

Do you think spankos will someday take over the world ?
I had Bill Clinton down as a spanko. He was my fave president of recent times because he was just so naughty. Nowadays, I think Berlusconi of Italy is a spanko — well a dirty old man at least and I damn well know that smiling cuban-heeled Sarkozy of France is a spanko, c’mon, I’d spank Carla Bruni, wouldn’t you? So I think spankos are quietly running the world, actually, now I come to think of it, I think that 1st Lady of yours, Michelle Obama is hot and I could imagine her starring in a film with Clare Fonda…I’d pay big money to see that.

How does the spanking community, the whole scene in general, differ, if at all, in the U.K as compared to the U.S.?
Oh, it’s much smaller here in the UK, obviously with us being a much smaller land mass. However, I am only starting to become a little more involved with The Scene myself since my site launch — but from what I’ve seen and the people involved, I know there are many that attend spanking parties, others attend group gatherings over lunches, and there is a thriving modeling scene for producers.

I think it would be a little more incestuous here than in America as it is easier for people to cross over and get to know each others business. But I am probably very wrong as I can imagine in LA or Vegas that there is a massive scene where everyone “in the know” are easily accessible — over here that’s not the case.

It must be a thrill going off to “work” and having to spank some delicious bottoms, but what are the major challenges, and downsides if any, in starting and running your own spanking site?
Well, the Triple A site is now my full time job, worryingly! But I have to say starting the site up has cost me a lot of money.  I also can not shoot at my home, another costly disadvantage, so have to travel/find locations. Then of course, I had to purchase cams and new hardware, and it soon mounts up and that’s before anything is filmed.

Discipline time for Pandora Blake

That is probably the biggest single barrier to many like myself from starting a site. I know I won’t make anything off this for some time so have to stick with it and believe the product is good enough to last the course and I like the challenge of providing a product that people will want to pay for. I have great plans for the site as it develops, but I don’t want to say too much right now, I want this to surprise and hopefully please people.

So, after initial eye watering costs, the downsides are planning shoots, getting models in or making them commit if they don’t know you and being let down by girls with “no shows.” I had no idea it could get so stressful. The upsides are the actual shoots, they are fun, and all producers will tell you they are the best part of being a webmaster! Then the hard work starts again, with new content to edit, upload, change the website and promote it.

Do you ever get camera-shy or self-conscious when you are spanking a naughty lass for your site, with the camera rolling and the lights glaring and such? or not really ?

Hmmm, not really. However, I have been really critical of how I portrayed myself recently. I felt I was far too lenient, especially with Jasmine, who I have to say was just stunning and has a bottom to die for. She wants to come back and film some more, and I shall ensure she gets a proper thrashing when we meet up again!

Who are some of the stars you are featuring so far on the Triple A site, and how do you enjoy working with them?
Ah, well, I had just mentioned Jasmine, but I have genuinely enjoyed working with everyone. I guess I had chosen a “safe route” by employing girls who naturally work well together – but that was also because being a newbie producer, it’s very difficult to persuade models to come film with you.

The amazing Kami Robertson.

Now that the site is up, I’m hoping to attract brand new talent, and I will get a real kick out of that. But also, maybe it is the promoter’s eye in me coming out from so much blogging, but I knew that Leia and Pandora would work well together, even if they were late castings at the time – and I really liked the Jasmine/Kami and Donna/Wynter combos as well. I felt really pleased that they worked as I am sure the 2 spankees for my next shoot will make some great stuff that I can’t wait to share with you all.

Besides yourself, who are the other Tops the site is currently featuring?

Paul Kennedy from Northern Spanking — he helped me on my very 1st shoot and was amazing! As was Jean Bradley who I love seeing thrash her naughty girls. I’ve had her at 2 shoots and will no doubt get her back again.  Chopper is another guy that you should all look out for, I am hoping to film with him next month, he lives near me and he is a renowned maker of canes and fine implements and lives up to his name with a vast collection of motorbikes, or should that be “Choppers”?

What spanko starlets would you like to feature in the future?

Good question, where do I start? Well, ideally I’d love to showcase new talent alongside more experienced and popular girls, I think that combination could work. Now, as we are based in the UK, to start with, I see this as being our priority on our small island but we do intend to visit America (probably the east coast). I’ve made some tentative inquiries already and would relish the chance to broaden our horizons… but of course, that could all change…

What chance is there, if any at all, that spanko superstar Rosaleen Young will someday make a comeback to the spanking scene?
Ha! I think hell has a better chance of freezing over… she is long retired as you know well, but it’s a nice thought that she’d come back, Dave. She’d make a ton of money if she ever did!

Would you consider yourself a lifelong spanko? i.e. born with the spanko gene…or did this cherry red interest develop later in life?
Difficult, no I’d not say that I was aware I was a spanko early on. I had always admired a fine ass on a girl from an early age. I wasn’t really spanked or leathered as a lad… I did get caned on the palms of my hand by an “old school” teacher when I was just 10. I can’t even remember what it was about but he cold caned my hands at age 10 and the welts lasted days, my mother was furious!

I guess being with a girlfriend who was into spanking started it all for me around 10 years ago so I’m a late developer. My current partner of some time is not a spanko but understands – & I have slippered & spanked her on occasion. She knows her place *wink*

Jasmine Lau: Highly spankable.

When and how did you first discover that there was an entire community of spanking enthusiasts and that you were not alone in your love of a well-spanked backside?
I remember seeing an old copy of Janus magazine years ago and was intrigued by it. They have a lot to answer for.  I guess once I started surfing the web in the early years of the Millenium I realized what was out there, I hadn’t had my own PC and email account until around 2003, I think, so was a late developer that way too! I can’t imagine not being without the Internet or cell phones now. I think my old 2003 self would be shocked at what we get up to online nowadays. And I wonder what things will be like in another 10 years — it’s exciting.

I am digging the scene with you and Jasmine Lau, who was sporting some jean-shorts, though notttttt quite short enough, sadly, to be considered “daisy dukes.” Will be you featuring more of Jasmine, and hopefully in some honest to goodness real daisy dukes?
Hell yes to both! Jasmine will be coming back at some point this year and I also realize they were not as short as they should be, I’m hoping my next shoot will contain far shorter and tighter garments as I have purchased some indecent “daisy dukes”!!! & I know both girls will look awesome in them.

Would you ever consider shooting some outdoor scenes?

Totally! I aim to this spring/summer when we next hire out a secluded location, I want there to be grounds where we can film outdoors or in dense woods or maybe a beach… I like that idea and will definitely be looking at doing something along those lines for sure.

May I suggest some cheerleader scenarios? 🙂
Indeed! I know one girl who has a costume, but over here in the UK it’s not as big — I think eBay are going to have to help me out here! I can promise you I will get cheerleaders on the site. I have a uniform I’m hoping will work for my next shoot.

Kami's red panties get a warm-up. . .

How many implements do you personally own? Which ones are your favest and why?

I have a stack of canes, special slippers which you Americans seemingly hate (I only use slippers/shoes that are not worn outside!). I just broke a wooden paddle I liked so am getting a special one from the U.S.. I have a nasty heavy 3 pronged tawse but it still needs to be worn in, I have tried to wear it in against the bed clothing and such but it’s truly evil. I may give it ago this weekend but we’ll see. Hairbrushes are my favest thing right now, I have a really stingy one, oh, and bathbrushes… they’re evil and I have one that really gets the message across.

Bikini panties vs. thongs. Your thoughts?
I think thongs have had their day… surely for spankos it has gotta be bikini panties? I love the act of removing a girl’s knickers anyway, that slow deliberate removal… there’s nothing that sexy about removing thongs that don’t hide anything anyway, and I’d probably try and humiliate the girl for wearing such slutty attire!

When you are not watching soccer or tanning tails, what are some of your other “vanilla” interests and passions?
I do love cinema and I love Sci Fi — I am a geek. I also like fine wines, I really do, I enjoy finding something interesting and trying to hold on to it, but currently that hobby is a little too expensive!

I’m also a cat person. And I have a passion for curries and lager too. But my biggest passion is skiing. I used to work in European ski resorts for 10 years and so am quite a good skier if I say so myself, even now, growing fatter and more unfit stuck in front of my laptop screen, I can still ski like a God when required. We may go away next month, we shall see, I hope so… there’s nothing like flying down a well groomed steep slope on a beautiful clear sunny day, or after fresh snowfall, waist deep in powder…

Thanks much for your time, and keep up the cherry red work. 🙂
Thank you!

* * *

For more info, free pix and video previews, visit Triple A Spanking.

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