Crimson Hide

Just a silly little movie poster parody I threw together, just for fun, based on the “Crimson Tide” thriller; but this time, however, featuring two legends of the spanking scene: Clare Fonda and Chelsea Pfeiffer of GoodSpanking fame.  [I’m also working on a movie poster for “The Texas Hairbrush Massacre,” among others.]

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5 thoughts on “Crimson Hide”

  1. @Erica, Clare and I have already done a series of videos for Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment ( and we really took it out on each other!

    @Dave, when are you going to post that mini-interview that I spent two hours slaving over? :-p

  2. Please don’t tease us and make us think that Chelsea and Clare have a production together. I miss the videos they did together but I respect their individuality.

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