Chelsea Pfeiffer: The Cherry Red Exclusive Interview

chelsea pfeiffer spanking starAfter almost two decades in the scene, the legendary Chelsea Pfeiffer continues to create wonderful spanking erotica on her flagship site GoodSpanking, while bringing a sexy and classy style to everything she cherry reddens. Her sites feature both sizzlingly delicious vids and truly awe-inspiring photography.

In this exclusive interview, we discuss everything from the challenges of working with adult film stars to her love of hula dancing and more. Chelsea also runs a sister site called GoodSpanking Classics, which is a treasure trove of her earlier, now classic material.

[On a side note, I recently posted a few yummy sample vids of Chelsea spanking “Cherry” in scrumptious skin tight jeans and snug pink panties. <swoon> You can also watch Chelsea’s awesomeness on-demand, pay-per-min at CherryRedMovies on her studio page Here. ]

spanking star Chelsea Pfeiffer
Chelsea Pfeiffer applies the brush in her informative “How To Give a Good Spanking” video, featuring Ariel X.

Thanks Chelsea for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report — it is a pleasure and an honor! 🙂

Thank you! I’m always happy to chat about spanking.

So after almost two decades in the spanking scene, do you ever grow weary of tanning stunningly gorgeous bottoms on the Good Spanking site?

Of course not! And, as you point out, I’m almost always presented with very nice bottoms. Lovely girls all around actually, from top to bottom.

What inspired you to film a “How to Spank” instructional-style video, starring yourself along with adult and spanko star Ariel X?

I’ve just written about that rather extensively on my blog — but, summing it up here, I’ve been thinking a lot about being in this business. Perhaps at first I stumbled into it, but I obviously chose to keep at it. Why? It was a rather difficult question for me. Sometimes it would be so much easier to just be into spanking on a private level.

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanking star
Spanking superstar Chelsea Pfeiffer perfectly punishes the naughty spankee named “Cherry.” Chelsea’s husband and chief videographer and photographer, Larry, takes some of the most breathtaking spanking photos I’ve ever seen.

My father recently passed away and I was talking to a couple of the girls, Jewell Marceau and Carolyn Reese, during a shoot the other day about him. I’m very close to these two ladies, having known them for 12 years now. Jewell asked what my father thought about my business. Dad’s take was, “You’re providing a good service. Some people really need what you’re producing,” I explained, which made both ladies laugh at the character that my father was.

That was my ah-ha moment. I realized, in that single moment, the impact my rather large body of work has had. I realized that I had a responsibility to own up to it. And more, I had to take direct control of exactly how spankings are presented by Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment. I mean I always have, but it’s been a lot of fun and games and I wouldn’t change that for a moment. Still, spankings are a little tricky (one of my realizations after spanking so many for so long) and I’m responsible for what people take away with them after having watched one of my videos!

The “How to” originally started as a blog topic, but when one model didn’t show on that shoot day I had to improvise. I decided then and there to make it a video. Ariel was more than game. She thought it was a great idea and was excited to be part of it. After the video came out on the site, I decided to go ahead and blog on it anyway. That way, there was even more depth and clarity to the subject.

How is everything going with your sister site: the retro throwback Good Spanking Classics site?

spanking/fetish star Chelsea Pfeiffer
An embarrasing otk for Carolyn Reese


GoodSpankingClassics has its fans, as well. So many of the GoodSpanking members were so upset when I took down the older videos few year ago during a site redesign.

The GS site had become absolutely colossal and the older clips were of inferior quality, because of how long ago they’d been made. I hated it when someone joined for the first time and the first thing they watched was one of the older clips. They all needed to be remade anyway. Breaking it into two sites seemed the only logical way to handle that.

How has the scene changed, generally speaking, from your first video for Shadow Lane back in 1991 to today’s spanko scene?

Hahaha! There’s this thing called the Internet now. Sorry, I’m not making fun. Okay, just a little. Teehee.

🙂…Anyway, if you were on a desert island and could bring only one spanking implement, which one would you bring and why?

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Sinn Sage
Sinn Sage squirms over Chelsea’s lap.

A strap, or a belt. Erotically speaking, those are my favorite implements. Oh, that would be if I were the one being spanked on that island. Hehe. If it was me doing the spanking, which would mean that Larry wasn’t on that island with me and that would upset me… Oh, my mind strayed.

Anyway, if it was me doing the spanking I guess I would choose a hairbrush. We’d be able to make double use of one object, so maybe we’d get another book, or something in trade. lol

Which one celebrity could really use a good spanking right now?

Poor thing…little Ms. Lohan. She needs a little nurturing and discipline, I believe. Seriously. A good spanking could help the lost waif find her way back!

After almost two decades of spanking, and getting spanked, how has your view and feeling on having a spanking fetish changed, if at all ? And has your spanking technique changed/improved over the years?

My feeling on having a spanking fetish, after all this time spanking and getting spanked, is one of being liberated, empowered with the ability to enjoy it and I hope I’m able to help others achieve that feeling, as well.

My spanking technique has changed a lot. At first I was tentative, afraid to spank too hard, unsure of how to handle even the hairbrush. Well, a good look at that “How to,” with Ariel shows how I’ve changed. Being tentative is no longer an issue and when giving a spanking one must NEVER fear their implements. I certainly don’t.

But, there is a way to handle them (and just pure hand spanking) that can make the experience for the spankee much more fulfilling, both for those who crave severity and those who like it light and sensual.

Is there any difference spanking and working with adult film stars, such as, say, Cherry Torn, who filmed a shoot for your GS site recently vs. working with models who work strictly in the spanking niche?

"Cherry" gets OTK spanked by Chelsea Pfeiffer
Chelsea tans some sense into Cherry’s gorgeous pink panties.

Sometimes. Not with Cherry Torn, though. I believe she’s a tad into this stuff. 😉

If they’re straight ahead adult film stars who’ve never done anything like spanking, then it’s very different. First, they’re almost always a little frightened, which blows my mind when you consider that yesterday they were doing a DP [double penetration] video somewhere. Can I just say that if she can take a long, hard DP, she can definitely take a spanking?

There’s always a bit of, “Really? People are really into this?” Maybe even a little laughing, or giggling. Still, I’ve gotten some of those girls through my half hour, non-stop Chelsea Spanks scenes and they went away smiling. Like I said, it’s all in the “How.”

The ones who are into the niche can be challenging, too, though. Sometimes they tell me not to worry about marking them. They want me to spank them hard. But, I know better than that. After two shoots of getting spanked as hard as I can spank, suddenly their not so enthusiastic anymore.

Or, they’re so into it they forget that we’re filming. I have to remind them, gently, that they are helping me make a video, not getting a nice spanking and then getting paid for just laying there and enjoying it.

What have been some of the most interesting and/or unusual requests and fan mail you get from your website members?

That’s a tough one because there have been so many. One fan likes us to say, “Shiney, hiney tushy buns.” That one is an easy order to fill. I can’t really think of anything else. There are some who wish I’d do more temperature taking and I probably should. Nothing really unusual, though.

No one has requested the model be wearing a little propeller hat, or anything. True, there have been some that I just am not willing to do and I’m not even willing to discuss what they were. I’m not judging, but if it’s not appealing to me, I don’t want to do it.

There seems to be a resurgence of spanking magazines, with ShadowLane recently publishing a mag for the first time in 10 years, and another new British magazine that just launched, called “Get Spanked.” Would you ever consider getting back into the publishing biz?

I’d need a double, first. So would Larry [Larry is Chelsea’s husband and talented photographer/videographer for her sites].

I love spanko pix of course, and the photography on your sites is, as always, especially spanktastic–is that Larry still slaving away behind the camera?

Jade learns a lesson: Chelsea Pfeiffer style…

Yes, Larry’s still behind the camera and the computer, editing and making clips. Sometimes, for SpankSinn shoots, I do the still shots if I’m not in the scene.

Any future plans for your websites that we should know about?

Nothing specific, just a little change in attitude that’s sprung from my ah-ha moment. Also, in working on the GSClassics site, I’ve noticed a definite change in the lingerie element. I’d like to get back to the stockings and garter look. The classic stiletto. The black pencil skirt with the crisp white blouse kind of look, at least a little here and there when I can.

When you are not tanning bottoms, what are some of your “vanilla” passions and hobbies?

I’m a hula dancer and I love almost everything about Hawaii, my family homeland. I love to cook and I’m not too bad at it. Just ask Larry. 😀 I love yoga and hiking and swimming. I love to take trips out to the desert and go all Jim Morrison out there…let the desert do its thing to me. I love the ocean, too, though, for the same reason.

And, I LOVE my kitty cats Oni’onani and Kolohe (“multi-colored beauty” and “rascal” respectively in Hawaiian). I love to read, but almost never have time. I have a large stack of a variety of books that I need to get to, someday, when I’m not shooting, updating, filling orders, blogging and living the rest of my life. You know? Even Chelsea has to get the grocery shopping and the laundry done. :-p

Thanks very much for your time Chelsea, and keep up the wonderful cherry red work!

Thank you. You’re welcome. And, I’ll certainly try!

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9 thoughts on “Chelsea Pfeiffer: The Cherry Red Exclusive Interview”

  1. Thanks for doing this interview. Chelsea is one of the driving forces in this industry and absolutely sexy as hell.
    I love her spanking style and the way she interacts with her models. Her scenes with Claire Fonda are some of my all time favorites.
    I think her influence on the scene will be felt for many years.

  2. Great interview Dave. Chelsea is the Godmother of Internet Spanking. She’s smart, talented and a true beauty. Her early work with Eve Ellis still ranks as my favorite. One feature of her videos that I really enjoy (thanks to Larry I guess) are the close up, overhead shots of the derriere. It’s no wonder that models seem drawn towards Chelsea. She spanks like a female Dallas, very hard, a lot of it but always in a flattering light. I’ve said before that there would still be Internet Spanking without the likes of Chelsea and Clare, but it wouldn’t be nearly as good.

  3. Could not agree more, Poppa Mark.

    Jeremy: very well-said and love you call her the “Godmother of Internet Spanking.” 🙂

  4. AWESOME INTERVIEW DAVE! My Favorite Interview So Far, Wonder Why? LOL! she mentioned my fetish of course and oh my god her and Sinn say shiny hiney tushybuns so extremely sexy! I wish they could say it every video but that wouldn’t be fair for everyone else! I love SpankSinn, Good Spanking, and the Classics! they all have their own unique style and appeal! So glad she mentioned stockings and garters, they frame the hiney so nicely, can’t wait to see more of that! Chelsea is so awesome, her technique is unbelievable! She even created something called the Wheel Barrel or Wheel Barrow Spanking in a video with her and Sinn which is so sexy! Awesome Interview man, keep ’em comin’, you da man!!!

  5. Chelsea is THE Goddess of spanking video producers. Great looking, witty and a very HARD spanker by hand and implements alike. It was a major thrill to get a VERY sound spanking from her last year. She’s excellent with role playing both in videos and in private sessions.

  6. Corey: Thank you for your shiney hiney tushybun-tastic comments!

    Kelly: Yes I agree, she is a Goddess 🙂 You are quite fortunate to have been over Chelsea’s seasoned lap.

  7. Great interview with Chelsea ,the vids she does are grand the girls spanked are lovely ,Spank Sinn is a nice site with plenty of cute lil girls being spanked and cuddled ,good spanking classics is excellent too ,Chelsea is a great spanker and it comes out in her vids and is much loved in our spanking community ,best from tim in u.k.

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