Spanking Video of the Week: Tribute to Georgia Gold

Going into the way-back machine, I remember discreetly buying this vid via mail-order from ShadowLane on VHS(!) and, to this day, the scene featuring Georgia Gold, and spanker Nick Phoenix, is one of the yummiest vids I have ever seen, from the film Double Feature #1 — deliciously firm with that electrifying undercurrent of wicked hawtness. Georgia’s stunning bottom, framed by those snug white panties…*sighs*….Directed by the legendary Eve Howard and Butch Simms, and playing now at CherryRedMovies. [Also check out Shadow Lane’s latest 90-minute compilation video spankfest, featuring 21 gorgeous spankees.]

Almost forget, here’s another Georgia Gold classic, featuring both Cheslea Pfeiffer and Alexis Payne as sadistic rehab nurses who try to cure their incorrigible charge the old-fashioned way, in the must-see Nurses Know Best.

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3 Responses to Spanking Video of the Week: Tribute to Georgia Gold

  1. Missy says:

    Great post! God, back in the 90’s I so wanted to be her.

  2. John says:

    My favourite all time spanking vid. And the only one I saved when I got married.

  3. tim says:

    yes Georgia is a little cutie girl,best,tim.

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