PunishedBrats Introduces New Hottie Joelle

Miss Chris teaches Joelle a firm lesson about lying and smoking the herb, with a good, old-fashioned, over-the-knee spanking.

What up my spanky peeps? Well, I say, spring is coming! I can feel it. The first Boston Red Sox baseball game is in 23 days…I have some fresh and tasty exclusive interviews in the pipeline….Charlie Sheen has gone absolutely bonkers….And the good people at PunishedBrats recently unveiled their latest incorrigible, bodacious Brat, a young and beautiful lass new to the scene by the name of Joelle. Armed with a gorgeous posterior and a sassy attitude, she is constantly earning herself a brat-busting tanning session.

Using my money to grow pot in my basement, and bake pot brownies?!? You'll be sleeping on your tummy tonite, young lady. . .

This supah’ hawt scene has several of my favest winning things, you see, including the truly outstanding spanker Miss Chris, who spanks and scolds with seasoned grace, playing I think her firm “Aunt” in this delightful domestic scene; a gorgeous new minx clad in snug jean-shorts; Joelle’s perky bottom slowly developing into a glowing, cherry red hue, her skimpy shorts and bikinis panties..umm… bunched up in a useless tangle at her ankles. Errrmm……..is it getting warm-ish in here or is it just me?

I'm gonna tan some sense into this sassy bare behind, Joelle....

File under: YUM.   Here’s a little teaser video clip. To see the rest of Joelle’s punishment, visit PunishedBrats:

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2 thoughts on “PunishedBrats Introduces New Hottie Joelle”

  1. Miss Chris resembles a young, hot Grace Slick back in her rock heyday both in looks and hairstyle. Rock on Miss Chris! 🙂

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