Sarah Gregory: The Cherry Red Interview

Beautiful photo of Sarah Gregory by Gregory Giger 2009

We are thrilled to feature a cherry red interview with the striking spanking starlet Sarah Gregory, and we chat about topics ranging from her love of theatre, to her love of domestic scenarios; the psychology of spanking; favest implements; and more yummy topics of the cherry red variety.

Last year, Sarah launched her own website Sarah Gregory Spanking, which is updated 6 times a week, with Sarah doing all the directing and producing and most of the spanking, both on the receiving — and giving — end of things.

She has also been featured in some gorgeous modeling shoots, and worked with many of the key players in the spanko scene. In addition to her own site, you can view some of her other shoots on-demand at CherryRedMovies.

[Sarah also wins a “Cherry” award for fastest ever response to interview questions sent via email: 57 minutes! wow. In contrast, one spanko star, who shall remain nameless, sent me her responses about 1 year after I had initially sent my queries…!]

Thank you Sarah for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report. So how is everything going with your new site, Sarah Gregory Spanking? and I’m wondering what sparked your decision to create your own website?

Well, I had been doing spanking videos for so many other sites and I thought, well I can do this, I can do my own site. I loved the creative side and helping to come up with the plots so much. I had so many ideas and wanted to use them.

I also had been taking some video editing courses and photo editing courses at college and found that I liked that too, so why not put it to use making more money. Plus, I needed a full time job and just working for other sites was not bringing in enough of an income. Modeling is my full time job. A lot of the other models have other “vanilla” jobs, but for me, this is it.

Do you receive any interesting/unusual requests from fans?

Sometimes. Not as much as other producers I know. I guess it is because I am still new. I am open to custom films for the right cost and so far what I have been asked is doable. I do however got the rude and distasteful comment, so I try to ignore it as much as it still bothers me.

What models would you like to work with on your site in the future?

Oh wow…there are so many great models I would love to have on my site. I couldn’t possibly name all of them. For starter I would love for Clare Fonda to make an appearance as well as Jenni Mack, Amber Pixie Wells, Chloe Elise, Abigail Whittaker, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Leah Ann Woods, and Nyssa Nevers. I do have plans to shoot with a few of the previously mentioned however and it is a surprise, so members and fans will have to keep a look out for some of these faces in the future. I would also love to have a lot of the people back who have already appeared on the site.

How do you enjoy working with the various Tops  you have featured on your site?

I love the fact that I get to work with so many different tops, male and female. It is so fun coming up with different scenarios based on the specific Tops’ personalities. I love that I have younger girlfriend and sister type tops as well as mom, aunt, teacher type tops. I love the variety. It is also fun to choose the tops I work with and have an excuse to just get spanked by certain ones… I do actually enjoy being spanked.

What is like switching from bottom-ing to Topping? Do you prefer one over the other and how do you feel about switching roles?

I don’t mind the switching. I have learned so much about proper technique and making sure the bottom is not being pushed past their tolerance but just brought to the edge of what they can take. I think because I know what it is like from the bottom side, I can then make it a good experience for my the person I am spanking.

I have a theory that a lot of great tops were once bottoms.  I actually prefer to spank the younger models on my site, in fact it is more believable that way and being into theater and an actress, I can get into the role quite easily.

It is like this whole other side of me comes out and it is great. On camera I can be a great top, but in my personal life, I prefer the bottom side of spanking much more as there is not much external reactions and acting and I can go into my head space more. Plus I just love being spanked by a maternal and strict, but loving parental type figure.

When you are not getting your beautiful bottom warmed or toasting buns, what are some of your non-kinky “vanilla” interests and passions and hobbies?

I love theater and do quite a lot of community theater. The rehearsal schedules and times of the shows actually pretty much dictate when I can travel and when I can’t. Most of the shows I do are in the fall, so travel is limited then and I tend to travel a lot more after February.

This year is the first time I have done a spring show, so I have to wait until the end of April to start my travels….and boy do I have a lot of spanking tours planned already. I also take voice and acting lessons. I spend a lot of time with my dog as well. I tend to be a homebody when I am not on the road, so hanging out, surfing the web, online shopping, watching my favorite shows, and chilling with my roommates are all things that keep me busy.

Seen any good mainstream movies lately?

Yes I have. I love movies. I saw recently Inception, The Kids are All Right, Avatar, all the Chevy Chase vacation movies, Bound, and Tipping the Velvet.

If you were on a deserted island, which one spanko implement would you bring and why ?

I would bring a small leather paddle. I like leather over other materials for implements because it doesn’t mark as much as wood and it gives a more stingy surface pain and not as much deep internal pain.

What a by Michael Vincenzo

You seem to play out a lot of domestic/parental fantasies on your site–is that one of you faves and if so why?

Yes it is one of my faves. I really really like it and that is why I got into spanking to begin with. I had many fantasies when I was younger of being spanked by my teachers and older authority figures. It is so cool to finally be able to play out some of those fantasies that I thought an dreamed about for many many years. I do this because I love it and I also do it for the fans, so I have to do a lot of what I need and crave as well as a lot of what the fans like.

I can get into the scene more if I am enjoying it. I am not a pain slut nor do I really like the pain. It is more of an emotional thing for me when getting spanked. I want to feel loved, cared for, and taken into the hands of a trusting and parental authority figure. I love the scolding, but not swearing or mean scolding, but the kind that a parent or teacher would do when they care for you and want you to be a better person.

How many spank parties do you attend each year? Which is your favest event to attend?

Well  I am not going to name favorites….as I got into trouble once during an interview when I named a favorite spanker at the time. So, I will say I like them all for different reasons. Some are better for making money and promotional reasons and some are better for the social aspect of spanking play. I attend about 5 parties each year depending on which ones are happening.

Cornertime vs. bedtime? [if you had a choice]

Bedtime totally.

Bikinis vs. thongs?

Bikinis…..thongs just feel weird like a permanent wedgie.

Schoolgirl vs. cheerleader?

Schoolgirl, but I love both.

Anything cool playing on your iPod these days?

I tend to like the new “popular” songs. I usually search the top 30 on various sites and listen to those songs. I also love show tunes and always listen to them as well.  I have a very eclectic music collection. I have everything from The Beatles, to the Nutcracker classical stuff, country, pop, rock, oldies, and new stuff.

Any future super cool plans for Sarah Gregory and your website we should know about?

There will be some new design aspects coming where I will be splitting my videos up by sections, such as f/f or m/f. I am also in the process of planning a lot of local shoots. Also a long time in the making is my tour of the UK which I will finally do in June. I already have my flights.

Thanks much for your time Sarah, and keep up the wonderful work!

You are very welcome.

*  *  *

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  1. Sarah is gorgeous with the most spankable bubble butt on earth!!Love all the hot girl girl spankings on her site,Sarah’s Girlfriends are kick ass!

    Great Interview Cherry Red:)

  2. Sarah has a great website ,lovely young girls spankedby her and others ,the content is very fine good value ,i can recommend it to all spankos ,love the girl girl spanks the best ,best from tim

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