Special Guest Blogger: Nick from Chicago Spanking Review on the Top 10 Spanking Scenes in Mainstream Comics


We are honored to feature a special cherry red guest columnist: Nick from Chicago Spanking Review, who runs, in my opinion, the very best collection on the Interwebs of spanking scenes in mainstream comics.

What makes it super cool is that his site, updated weekly, features insightful commentary and historical background on each of the comic panels [which are presented when possible in stunningly hi-res scans], making it an invaluable resource for any spanko. In addition, the website features an exhaustive, searchable comics database; amazing galleries; cool forums and more cherry red awesomeness.

So I thought that I’d ask Nick if he would like to be a guest blogger and write up a list of his top 10 best spanko scenes in mainstream comics…and here it is. Thank you very much Nick!  **Your comments and feedback and welcome and appreciated as always** 🙂

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As a longtime reader of CRR, I’m very pleased that Dave offered me the chance to write a guest column on the subject of the top ten spankings in mainstream comics.

Of course, it’s not possible to establish totally objective criteria for such a list, but I’ve done the best I could to select examples that would appeal to a general audience (not just comics buffs) and which represent a number of comics genres.  The historical importance of characters and creators was therefore ignored in favor of these criteria:

**Mainstream – required that worthy candidates like Mr. Monster and The Paddler were passed over in favor of more widely recognized characters.
**Maintaining a balance between books and strips.
**Adult M/F or F/F only.
**Romantic sparks and/or humbling the arrogant was given preference to truly bad girls getting punished.
**Attractive positioning and/or good execution (we don’t always get both, although we’d like to).

So without further ado, here are my picks.  These are all on a par and are not ranked in order:

10. Captain Easy in Wash Tubbs –   Roy Crane had two great strips, Buz Sawyer and Wash Tubbs (& Captain Easy), and they both had great spankings!  This is the earliest known of at least five in Captain Easy.  Good OTK position and spanks so vigorous the spankee holds her stinging bottom afterwards – “He geef me the spank!”  Yes, he sure did!


9. Smilin’ Jack spanks Cindy and Cherry – Zack Mosley’s hero should have changed his name to Spankin’ Jack after delivering at least five spankings, including this unusual double-spanking of Cherry and her mother Cindy.  When was the last time you saw a mother and daughter spanked at the same time?  Mosley’s spankings always looked as hard or harder than anyone else’s.  He may excel Roy Crane in that respect, but his OTK positioning isn’t as good as you can see by comparing this one to Captain Easy in #10 above.   A fine scene nonetheless.


8. Prince Valiant spanks his wife Aleta (1959) – Possibly the finest example of Romantic Spanking in comics.  Val is deeply in love with his wife, but he can’t allow her to get away with being a spoiled brat.  What sets this scene apart from so many others in which a brat gets her due is the passionate kiss that precedes the spanking and Aleta’s heartfelt desire, expressed afterward when Val has left on a long and dangerous quest, that he “Only come back safely to me once more, and you may spank me as much as you wish.”  A very beautifully done scene by Hal Foster.


7. Aunt Patty / Spice in Mr. Rumbles – M/F is the king of all spanking orientations, but F/F has its attractions and this is the best one I’ve seen.  Aunt Patty is apparently slow to reach the boiling point, but when she does, look out – her niece Spice gets the spanking of her life!  The best thing about this scene is the slow build-up with Spice’s expression as she realizes just what it means when her Aunt takes the hairbrush out of the drawer.  The overdue spanking leaves Spice smarting where she sits down, as evidenced by her rubbing afterward.  Art by Jack Sparling.


6. Les / Lorette in Teen-Age Love #57 (1968) – No spanking comics list could be complete without at least one example from the romance genre, and I have selected this one as the best single panel from the Charlton line even though they had some other scenes which were better in the context of a complete story.  The beach setting, a good-looking shirtless spanker, good OTK positioning, and a spankee whose relaxed posture and willingly-upturned bottom reveal her submission combine to make this a highly erotic scene.  Art by Vince Colletta.
5. Combat Casey / Torchy Finnegan (1953) – Romance Comics had many spankings, but War Comics, with few female characters, had only two that are known at the present time.  This is the first, and although it took place fifteen years earlier than the scene in Teen-Age Love, in some ways is like a more extreme version of it.  Like Les, Casey is shirtless, but he’s even more masculine in appearance, while in contrast to the pretty, pigtailed Lorette, Torchy is an actual blonde bombshell.  The spanking itself looks harder, too, with Torchy kicking so hard she loses her shoe!  Story by Hank Chapman and art by Robert Q. Sale.
4.  Phantom / Queen Pera –  Humbling the arrogant is a recurrent theme in comic spankings, which for that reason often feature heiresses, countesses, and queens who think they’re better than ordinary folk.  It’s only human nature that “ordinary folk” like us then rejoice when they receive their comeuppance in the form of a good spanking!  Lee Falk excelled at this type of scene, which he gave to us both in Mandrake and The Phantom.  As the first masked super-hero, The Phantom blazed a trail (also a tail) that other super-heroes would follow, as we’ll see in our last three examples.


3. Evad / Queen Arda in Superman (strip, c. 1946) – There’s really nothing better than superhero spanking, and foremost among superheroes is the Man of Steel, Superman, who long ago became an archetype.  In all his numerous comic-book appearances, there is no known instance of Superman spanking an adult female (not counting the time he had one of his robots spank Lois Lane, and I’m still searching); however, his daily and Sunday strips are another matter.

Superman himself gave several spankings, but I have selected an example where he acts as instigator and witness only while another man does the deed because the scan is good-quality color and because the spankee is a queen (see the discussion of The Phantom above).  After giving in to her for years, Evad here finally acts like a man and gives the scantily-clad Queen Arda the spanking she deserves.  Good OTK positioning with romantic implications as Arda suddenly finds Evad more attractive after the spanking than she did before!  Story and art by original Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster.



2. Batman / Marcia Monroe (1966) – The best of the Batman spankings.  Spoiled heiress Marcia recklessly endangers the lives of police and herself by strolling along the catwalk of a suspension bridge, so the Caped Crusader swoops down, turns her OTK, and administers one heck of a Bat-Spanking!  The scene is enhanced by good positioning and by Batman refusing to heed Marcia’s protests as the sting sinks in.  Story by Bob Haney, art by Win Mortimer.


1. Spirit / Ellen Dolan (1940) – Even ignoring the historical importance of Will Eisner’s Spirit, this spanking had to make the top ten because of the skill with which Eisner rendered it.  Good OTK positioning, with added anticipation from the raising of Ellen’s jacket to expose the seat of her skirt.  There are romantic implications here, although The Spirit doesn’t want to admit that he’s attracted to Ellen.  That Eisner placed it on the splash page indicates that he understood how attention-grabbing a spanking would be.  As a historical note, he had the original hanging in his studio for many years, so he must have been very fond of it.

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6 thoughts on “Special Guest Blogger: Nick from Chicago Spanking Review on the Top 10 Spanking Scenes in Mainstream Comics”

  1. Some great choices here. Though I would probably have chosen the beach spanking from For Lovers Only for my romance comics example. But then a woman getting spanked in a bikini is one of my special thrills. The Phantom makes for some tough choices. Besides Queen Pera, the Sky Band spanking and that of the Marshall sisters are both super, the latter for the final panel where the girl in the passenger seat is not seated, for obvious reasons!

  2. Thanks very much. Dave and Nick!

    A nice list, but as everyone can plainly see at The Chicago Spanking Review, merely the tip of the iceberg!

    By the way, while you’re there, check out the CSR Forum, too, or you’ll miss at least half of the fun!!

  3. A fine list, Nick… though in place of the Phantom spanking Queen Pera — a cartoon that you have only because I retrieved it, years ago, and put it on the Internet — I would have used the FOLLOWING Queen Petra spanking, where her lover, Jorge, puts her over his knee and spanks her.

    Extant samples of this one are iconic. As for the first spanking (Phantom/Pera), please note the very timid line I put onto her backside, to indicate the start of her anus. As I say, it was very timid because at the time, I was quite young and didn’t know how far I should go with it.

    Jorge spanks Pera should be among the Top Ten!

    Dan N.

    1. Dan – I didn’t know you were the one who put the “Queen Pera” episode out there when I found it years ago. I’ll see that you’re credited when I update that page on CSR in the near future. The following Pera-spanking by Jorge I agree was equally good, and you’ll be glad to know I’ve found some new versions of it I’ll soon be revealing in a special “Focus on the Phantom” week.

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