Kari Sweets: Spanked

Her glowing bottom throbbed.....feverishly.

Every so often, for no apparent reason, I take a gorgeous image of a beautiful woman, and through the miracle of micro-chip computer wizardry, quickly add a dash of much needed cherry redness, a dose of toasted tushy to the posterior regions.

A splendid improvement on the original photo, in this blogger’s humble opinion. Here we have the stunning Kari Sweets, in one of her best all-time photos, simply sublime…who since has retired from modeling, which is something that has depressed me. So, you see, I thought a good, old-fashioned digitized red ass was in order.  Don’t you?

….In other cherry red news: the always intriguing Zille DeFeu wrote an intriguing blog post asking what fans of spanking erotica really want/desire/crave in their spanko erotica–click here to submit your thoughts on this red-assed matter.  On a side note, you can watch Zille in action in a delicious new release from Shadow Lane, also starring the delectable Clare Fonda, entitled  “Trophy Wife Revenge Match.”

In the editorial pipeline, do stay tuned for a forthcoming supah’ exclusive interview with a beautiful, wonderfully intriguing model from the RealSpankings website. I’m also working on a Q&A with the long-time camerman and chief photographer for Chelsea Pfeiffer’s ass-sizzling GoodSpanking website, among other fascinating forthcoming features.

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