Hilary Duff Spanks Lindsay Lohan: New Parody by Mr. Hyde


As recently seen on the Chross blog, here is the latest deliciously naughty graphical parody by the spanko PhotoShop master known as “Mr. Hyde.”

According to Mr. H: “This time it’s the law-abiding good-girl, Hilary Duff, spanking the rule-breaking bad-girl, Lindsay Lohan. Given Lohan’s alleged shoplifting charge, this might be a penalty that a judge should recommend!”

We could not agree more.  🙂

In other cherry red news.…..One of the finest producers of gorgeous, heirloom-quality leather spanking implements just re-launched their website: check it out at The London Tanners.  Yes!

A sampling of fine leather spanking straps from The London Tanners.

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