Lila Night: The Exclusive Cherry Red Interview


Lila Night gets a dose of the paddle on RealSpankings

The Cherry Red Assministrative Research Team is very excited to present this exclusive Q&A with the deliciously enticing and wonderfully intriguing adult and spanking star Lila Night, who shoots for the RealSpankings network, in addition to their Real Spankings Institute site. [BTW you can watch some of RS’s older material on-demand on their pay-per-minute studio page Here.]

We talk everything from neuroscience to nymphomania, from modeling work to being a musician and heaps more cherry red goodness. Now then, you see, I must have been in quite an inquisitive and curious mood, as these are perhaps the most amount of questions this blogger has ever asked an interviewee in cherry red history; thusly, I thank Lila Night for her time and patience in answering my rambling queries.

Thank you Lila for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report. It is a pleasure and an honor.

Aw, thank you!

So according to one of your latest tweets, you are “coloring brains” for your psych class. What are you studying and how is school going?

A dose of the belt...

The “coloring brains” assignment was for a behavioral neuroscience class – just a little bit of homework designed to make us all learn and remember the major structures of the brain. I am currently an anthropology major and loving it! I truly enjoy being a student and school is going absolutely great!

If you don’t keep your grades up, is there anyone around to keep you, errm, you know, motivated and focused, may I ask?

As far as grades go, I don’t really need any more motivation than the promise of graduating with academic honors. I got an A- last semester (my school figures GPA on a plus/minus system, although they, rather unfairly, don’t award extra points to A+ grades) and I’m still very irritated both with myself and with the stupid punitive system. It ruined my 4.0. I was devastated.

Do most of your friends know, or not know, you are involved in the world of fetish and kinkyness?

Well, most of my friends knew when I was working the pole to bring in some extra cash… I don’t go out of my way to inform them, but I don’t lie about it, so if it were to come up, they’d probably know. Try to make sense out of that sentence!

btw, how do you pronounce “Lila” ? Is it “lie-la” or “lee-la” ?

“Lie-la.” The way you hear it in the videos is correct.

Lila doing some laundry with a freshly tanned, glowing backside.

I”m reading in your bio that you are a musician? What do you play? What are some of your favest bands/performers?

I am. I initially started my college career on a music scholarship and, though I’ve changed my major, I remain an avid musician. As far as instruments, I play flute, oboe, harp, tin whistle (yeah, baby!), and have recently learned to play the piano and am always attempting to learn the guitar.

I’ve also played the drums before, though it’s not my forte (get it?). I sing as well and have sung both alto and soprano parts (mezzo-soprano is boring), but I couldn’t pick a favorite.

My favorite bands and performers… I could go on about this for awhile. I love punk and metal, and industrial, classical, alternative, old-school hip hop, jazz, rhythm and blues (not to be confused with R&B), and various folksy indie types.

My all-time favorite bands are Morphine (obviously) and Electric Six, and I love AFI, Metallica, the Sex Pistols, the Ramones, Stabbing Westward, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Postal Service, Nine Inch Nails, Slayer, Cradle of Filth, the Ataris (I know, but they’re catchy), Bowling for Soup, various works of Holst, Carolan, Mozart, the Foo Fighters, Breaking Benjamin, the Doors, Pink Floyd, Styx, Journey…etc.


What’s playing on you iPod these days?

No Apple products for me, thank you. To answer, my digital music player of choice varies with its music collection depend on which teeny little SD card is in it…I have a lot of music.

You are a self-described “nymphomaniacal exhibitionist.” Discuss!

Well, I just took the “mania” part of “nymphomaniac” and made it “maniacal,” so that I could use the aforementioned “nymphomaniac” to modify “exhibitionist.” Somehow, though, I don’t think that was the answer you were looking for. So, the short story: I like sex. A whole bunch. I’m also quite fond of exhibitionism. Exhibitionistic sex? Don’t even get me started!

Your site also mentions your “extreme geekyness.” Can you elaborate on that?

Ha, did you see my previous answer? Also, I love video games. And puns. Bad jokes in general, actually. If they make you groan, chances are they make me giggle hysterically. I also participate in LARP, love D&D, have been a very passionate member of the SCA, and I make renaissance faire clothing in my spare time. Also, in high school, I painted the rear window of my car with “Band Nerd” in purple window paint and left if that way for the semester. No joke, I let my visual field be compromised so I could proclaim to the world that I enjoyed band. At the time, it seemed like one of the more brilliant things I’d done.

Digging your website re-design and the v-blog btw.

Thanks! There is definitely more to come as far as video blogs go 😉

In regards to spanking and fetish in general, do you think you were born with this kink, some refer to it as the “spanko gene,” or did this develop later in life?

Ah, the age-old nature versus nurture question. I’m going to say what I always say to these questions: both sides have valid points and both likely contribute to the issue at hand. Whichever one contributes more in a particular individual is a very subjective thing. For me, I feel that I’ve always been pretty kinky (and by always, I mean from sexual awareness on).

When I (ahem) would search for internet porn at a younger age, I was more drawn to the BDSM genre, but as any adult kinkster can tell you, the stylized soft stuff is not very representative of the reality of the BDSM world.

So, when I was a little older and could (legally) participate in this culture, I found myself drawn more to certain things than others and I have no doubt that some of my tastes have developed in directions they might not have gone without outside influence. To put it simply, I’ve always like spanking, but, spanking and discipline roleplay, for example, came later in the game.

Naughty schoolgirl Lila Night earns an old-fashioned lesson via a cherry red bottom.

Do you recall at what age you first fantasized about spanking and/or being spanked ?

Honestly, no, but it was likely in my early teen years.

You are also into bondage as well, am I correct?

Very much so! I love the pure artistry of a talented rigger and the aesthetic look of ropes and restraints against skin, as well as the feeling of being put into a (usually vulnerable) position and not being able to get out of it. Admittedly, I do greatly enjoy struggling out of rope and love to frustrate certain individuals who thought their roping technique was up to snuff. I’m a bit of a brat.

So what sparked the decision to get into the adult entertainment biz?

Lila's gorgeous bottom, arched and awaiting a good, hot spanking over the knee...

Um, I like sex. The whole exhibitionist thing definitely made the idea of adult entertainment very titillating. Basically, there came a point where I was semi-actively seeking out a way to break into the business and when someone mentioned that he knew a local adult entertainer who ran her own company.

And I jumped at the opportunity and asked (well, demanded) to be put in touch with her. From there, I did a lot of local work and got into modeling (not just the naked kind, I have lots of talents!) too.

Eventually, I decided to create my own website and I do that and still do work with other companies, but I’m going more in the direction of fetish or queer oriented porn, not to mention my work being spanked on camera.

It seems like many models and adult stars are also working as a web-cam models–is that something you are interested in or no?

It’s something that I’ve considered more than casually. If I go into it, I would probably work with a company that directs traffic and takes care of the payment. The logistics of doing it completely independently are insane!

How did you first get started with Real Spanking?

I saw this awesome ad and thought, spanking? Cameras? Paid? Sign me up! So I sent in my information and was offered an interview and the rest is history!

What was your first shoot like?

Amazing! I was expecting from previous experience that any spanking I received would be soft and, well, silly. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that was not the case and I immensely enjoyed my first shoot. I got a real spanking! It was awesome!

Do you get self-conscious with the cameras and lights around you or not really ?

Not at all. I’m sure you can find some of my very first videos and see that I was a dork who completely did not know about working to a camera, but I think I acclimated pretty quickly. Also, I’m an attention whore.

How do you compare shooting spanking scenes vs. more mainstream adult fare?

On the most basic level, there’s not that much of a difference between the two. In mainstream adult, I do have to worry about making sure the other person (if there is one) has their testing and I usually pack a huge bag (my “stripper bag”) of stuff to take with me to any shoot except a spanking because mainstream porn people tend to change their minds more and I always want to be prepared (also, the bag gets bigger if I’m doing a photo shoot). Not only that, but I usually take my own toys and supplies with me to a mainstream shoot. With a spanking shoot, they have a whole lot of fun implements for me to pick from 😀

Do you personally dig more of the disciplinary aspect of a good spanking or the erotic side of it or a mixture of both or ?

That depends on what kind of mood I’m in 😉 If I want to roleplay, then discipline is probably the way to go. If not, or if I’m in a masochistically turned on mood, then erotic is what I look for.

Any advice on taking care of your bottom after a spanking?

I personally like the big-eyed woeful look while rubbing it. Makes it better every time.

Your wonderfully spankable bottom is absolutely amazing, I just wanted to say that.

Why, thank you! It’s definitely my better asset.

The shoots for Real Spankings are, generally speaking, it seems to me a bit on the harsher side, at least from my perspective compared to other spanking sites—just wanted to get your thoughts on this topic?

They don’t seem particularly hard to me…maybe just more real. I haven’t seen too much other content from spanking specific sites, though, so I guess I can’t really make an informed judgment.

I’m gonna guess you also dig more sensual, eroticized spankings as well? If so, can you please film some, either for RS or your own site? 🙂

Of course I do! Who doesn’t??? Mmmm 🙂

I’ve noticed on some of your spanking vids you are unusually stoic, which is quite different than what I expected, considering the stricter nature of the punishments.  Also, my own personal preference in spanking films, is for a spankee to be more verbal — just wondering your thoughts on that?

I suppose it’s kind of a personal thing to stick it out…maybe it’s because I hate to lose? I haven’t put a lot of thought into it before, I guess, but I do know that I can be very verbal if the spanking stings (thin paddles, canes, the like). On a personal level, I do like it when spankees are making noise.

What is it like working with Missy Betty Blaze ?

It’s like frolicking in a giant room full of rainbow sprinkles and kittens. In less dorky words, it’s immensely enjoyable. She’s a great top and can hit pretty hard, and she’s also a wonderful actress who puts me to shame about my own abilities in that area. Beyond that, she’s a great person and really fun to hang out with 🙂

Are there other spanking and/or adult/fetish models you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

There are many, but if I ever got to work with Jiz Lee, I’d probably pee my pants in excitement. Sexiness on toast.

You have filmed some amazing outdoor spanking/paddling scenes–did you dig being punished in the great outdoors?

I do enjoy being outside and I’m looking forward to summer time! I just have to remember to put some extra sunscreen on my rump…the only thing I want it to be red from is a good spanking!

What are your thoughts on the various implements—paddle…belt…hairbrush…hand? Any faves and least favorite?

All time favorite: heavy, compact cheek-to-cheek paddles. Over the knee or bent over a chair with one of those bad boys… but I digress. Belt/straps are lots of fun, too, and there’s nothing wrong with a hand spanking! Just no canes and we’re in business!

I was wondering if you have your own collection of implements?

I might, but I assure you, it’s nothing compared to the collection at RS! I’m like a kid in a candy store every time I get to pick my own there.

Do you have a preference as to over the knee vs. bent over or other positions for a spanking?

It all depends on the situation. Small paddles and hand spankings are great fun OTK, but a belt or a longer strap would be awkward (though impressive, if one could do it) in that position. I also like to be bent over things. Grabbing my ankles can be fun, but I guess I’m pretty lazy since I generally prefer to have a little support (like braced against a wall or bent over something). Lying flat on my belly makes me feel pretty vulnerable for some reason, but that can definitely have its fun moments. Again, situation.

I would love to see more scenes with you in your skin-tight jeans…and maybe some daisy duke short-shorts. With the spankings first starting over the jeans or shorts. Whatcha think?

Well, summer is coming and I’m sure I can find some old jeans that could stand a visit from a pair of scissors…

Errm….<swoon> Do you like when a spanking first starts over panties…then proceeds to the bare bottom ?

Who doesn’t? Also, I love to see a girl’s panties get pulled up thong-style during a spanking!

Do you typically go into the much-discussed “sub-space” realm when shooting spanking films, or playing on your own ?

I can and I have when I play on my own, but not so much when I’m in front of a camera. I haven’t thought too deeply on the reasons, but it might be because the scenes are well-planned out beforehand (not that I would play without a general scene outline, but there are differences) and because it isn’t a constant playing scene sort of thing with stimulation in long enough stints to send me there.

What is your current hair color these days…I believe blue? Any future plans for other colors? i.e. cherry red? 🙂

It’s still blue and purple, but I recently (three days ago recently) extended the dark purple to cover most of my head, with bright blue bangs and (drumroll, please) a little bit of pink between the two. I saw the bottle and although pink isn’t my favorite color, I fell in lust with the in-your-faceness of this shade and decided to give it a little try.

It’s pretty cute, if I do say so myself. The purple I get starts out almost black and fades to a really pretty bright-ass violet, so I can’t go wrong there! Red red is a possibility, but I did dark red for a long time, so it’ll take me awhile to work my way back to colors in that family.

It caused a bit of a stir on the Interwebs when you made the momentous decision to switch your previously butt-length long flowing locks for the current super-cute pixie-cut. What sparked this decision?

Points for “interwebs”! I’d been toying with the idea of going for a shorter style and when I saw the picture of the haircut I wanted, I went for it. I called for an appointment at a salon filled with hot hipster chicks and in a couple of short hours, went in to get it all chopped (no worries, folks, I did donate it, sans the blue bits).

I suppose I just wanted to try something really new and I must say, it is amazingly awesome to have my hair completely dry in less than four hours and not to have to buy three or four bottles of dye every time I need to touch up my color. My head still feels oddly light, all these months later, but I’m still loving the short hair!

Do you get any intriguing and/or bizarre requests or fan-mail from fans visiting your website or the RS site?

All kinds, but I’ll only share one and only because this guy turned rather harassing when I politely declined him: there was a guy who emailed me, wanting me to come live with him, pretending to be his long-lost daughter so we could be intimate without his wife catching on. Seriously, he had a very elaborate plan and was absolutely convinced that I would instantly agree and that nothing could possibly go wrong with his plan. It was one of the funniest emails I’d gotten in a long time and I honestly thought he was joking.

When you are not engaging in naughty, kinky behavior, what are some of your vanilla interests and passions?

I read a lot and I also enjoy writing (poetry and short stories mostly). I create music and fill up sketch pads and notebook margins with both serious and silly artwork. I am currently hot on the topic of debating whether Neanderthals should continue to be classified as Homo neanderthalensis or whether they should be classified as Homo sapiens neanderthalensis.

I entertain dreams of becoming a world-renowned anthropologist, a sought-after writer, a famous rock-star, and opening my own bakery (I’d want to call it “Babycakes,” but I’m pretty sure that’s already taken). I also like to argue. That is, I like to debate, but I’m honest about what I call it 😉

What does the future hold for Lila Night ?

Any and all of the above. Also, homework.

Thanks so much for your time, and keep up the wonderful cherry red work!

Thank you for the interview! It was great fun answering these questions!


A good, bare behind strapping for the ever naughty schoolgirl Lila Night.

All photos courtesy of RealSpankings and Lila Night.

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  1. Interesting reading, Dave. Forget the Anthropology major news… I was shocked to discover Lila doesn’t own an iPod!!! :O

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