Exclusive New Mr. Hyde Photo Parody: Elvis Spanks Britney!


Photo Parody by "Mr. Hyde"

This just in! We are thrilled to present this exclusive to The Cherry Red Report: the latest spanktastically ingenious photo parody by the PhotoShop wizard known as “Mr. Hyde,” featuring Elvis, Britney and Katy Perry.

Am I dreaming? Here we have the King punishing the ever misbehaving Princess of Pop, while pop-tart Katy Perry waits for her turn, observing the bottom-tanning tableaux in bewilderment [or anticipation?]

Simply sublime.  I think this might be Mr. Hyde’s masterpiece. Your thoughts, my fellow spankos? [Comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated as always] 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Exclusive New Mr. Hyde Photo Parody: Elvis Spanks Britney!”

  1. Thank you for your comments Malcolm. Hm…..an intriguing question….well maybe he can do a Part Deux someday. 🙂 Through the magic of Photoshop, anything is possible.

  2. Is it my imagination or does poor old Brittany seem to “get it” more than any other pop star? She looks almost bored by her third spanking of the day – Elvis needs to put a bit more effort in! I’m available should she pop round later, though she is a little way down my list. Paris Hilton is top, or perhaps bottom is more appropriate. I don’t usually approve of queue jumping, but she is in dire need 😉 Has Mr Hyde ever given her the treatment?

  3. That is a delicious scenario for sure. Elvis is a swoon-worthy spanker. I think it lends itself quite well to creative captions?

    ‘Spank You… Spank you very much’

    or maybe…

    ‘A hunka hunka burning rump’


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