Joelle: The Cherry Red Interview

Introducing Joelle. . . .

File under: spanktastic.

Her name is Joelle and she recently shot her first spanking scene with  PunishedBrats. With a delightfully bratty attitude and a perky bottom that is certainly aching for some cherry reddening, this lifelong spanko is a wonderful addition to the spanko community. We thought we’d ask Joelle a few cherry red queries about how she got into spanking; the allure of the hairbrush; and other topics of tushy-tanning interest.

Thank you Joelle for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report! So how did you end up shooting for Punished Brats? And what sparked your decision to star in spanking videos?

I was a fan of Punished Brats since I was in my late teens/early 20’s. It was the exact role play and kink I was into. I loved the layout of the website, the videos, the girls…
I was always too shy to apply and I figured I would man up and give it a chance. It wasn’t so much the decision to be a star but more to get to play within the scenes that I had drooled over for years.


Over the lap of the seasoned spanker Miss Chris, Joelle learns a lesson with a red-hot backside.

Have you always been into the spanking kink i.e. a lifelong spanko…. or is it a relatively new thing for you?  And when and how did you first realize that you were not alone with your spanking interests?

Yes. When I was very very young it was a great interest of mine. I would get excited looking up the words scolded, punished, and especially spanked/spanking…etc. I remember trying to spank/use the belt on myself at age 5 or 6. I have always made drawings and paintings but as a kid I would make cartoons of schoolgirls getting in trouble. My parents never hit me so it was all so forbidden to me.

When the Internet came out, AOL allowed me to read stories online at a website called Laura’s Spanking Corner. I lived for Damien and his daughters getting punished. I always knew that people were into it. I knew that I was not that special to be the only person in this world with this exact thought. I was just too shy to tell anyone because of how much it excited me. Just saying words like spanking or Daddy would get me excited and lost in thought for hours.

What is it about the spanking fetish that most intrigues you?

It’s not so much the pain. It’s more the mental part of it. I like the idea of being punished. I like the idea that it makes me feel young. I ran wild when I was a teenager and I still do, it give me some sort of idea of discipline and that feeling to me is euphoric.

Before shooting with PunishedBrats, had you been spanked before, if I may ask..?

I worked as a dominatrix in a dungeon for two years so when I would play submissive in a session I would get spanked. Before that I had some of my boyfriends/girlfriends try but they didn’t get it because they were not sincerely into the whole thing.


Bedtime is the perfect time for discipline, as Joelle’s PJ’s offer little protection. . .

I loved the scene you filmed with Miss Chris, in which you are caught apparently building a marijuana grow room in your Aunt’s basement — what was is it like filming with her? And was that your first ever spanking shoot?

Yes that was my first ever spanking shoot. Miss Chris is so cool. She has a really great energy, you can just tell that she is a good person by being in her presence. I am extremely socially awkward and shy and she made me feel relaxed. It helped me a lot getting comfortable. Aside from this, she can really, really, really give a good punishment. 🙂

How long did it take for your bottom to cool off after that scene with Miss Chris?

I still felt it on the train ride home. I love nostalgia.

How many scenes have you shot so far with Punished Brats? and how did they go?

I shot four scenes. They were all really exciting. The past couple of years I have spent watching scenarios take place in these different rooms and there I was. It was a real thrill.

Did you get any  hairbrush spankings during your P-Brats shoots, and if so, what are your thoughts on that implement?

Yes I did and I loooooved it. I have never had that before, always dreamed of it….It left gorgeous marks.

Are there other spanking producers and other Tops and spankees that you would like to work with in the future?

Joelle + plus jean shorty shorts = epic win.

I can’t list Tops and producers off of the top of my head simply because I do not have all that knowledge yet. I do have a big crush on Rosaleen Young and Sierra Salem. That doesn’t really count for an answer though.

And are there certain “scenarios” and fantasies and such that are your personal faves?

I find anything with innocence intriguing. I like daddy/daughter play….
I like getting in trouble for simple, innocent, small things that no one over 18 would usually get punished for. I like the idea, the fantasy, of being disciplined for the smallest things. Having extreme loving authority over me is a big turn on.

Which celebrity, or celebrities, could really use a good spanking, in your opinion ?

Ha oh I don’t know……more than celebrities, I like to look at girls on the subway and decide punishments for them in my head.

Do you have a  personal favest spanking scene in a mainstream TV show or movie?

I remember seeing “Live Nude Girls” on television when I was younger. I would get excited by the reenactment of the Godfather scene where the one actress, whose name I cannot think of, got a spanking bent over the desk.

When you are not wriggling over a lap getting punished, what are some of your “vanilla,” non-kinky passions and interests?

I love music…..esp deep house, drum & bass, jungle, etc…. I am a painter, I also make drawings. I like traveling, my next plane ticket leads me to Brasil in June!

What’s playing on your iPod right now?

Oh man….right now I am really into Jorge Ben his 1969 album titled Jorge Ben. Another favorite right now is Kerri Chandler…..I have been listening to the I think of you mixes….I especially like the love sick mix. I am constantly listening to music, I am a junkie in that sense. And always, always is my main woman Sade, especially anything before Lovers Rock but I love her as a whole!

Thank you very much for your time Joelle!

Beijos 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Joelle: The Cherry Red Interview”

  1. Joelle, you’re thinking of one of my all time fave actresses, Dana Delany. Interesting roles she chooses. Her typical acting roles portray her as feisty, witty, sassy and trouble making.You should rent “Exit To Eden” where she plays a dominatrix who runs an entire island for fetish play of all kinds. Not certain, but I get a vibe she’s a switch in real life.

  2. Nice interview Dave (as always)

    Message for Joelle: not sure how long you’re in Brazil… but we may be filming in the summer in USA with Pixie, Lily Anna & some others so would love YOU to star with us, will probably near to their location too if that helps!
    Contact me via our site at or ask Dave for my mail if you might be interested (please please please… lol)

    Hope Dave doesn’t mind me doing this 😉

    *runs away to hide*

  3. Joelle you are a little cutie ice interview loved your spanks on p.b.,i believe that lovely Sierra Salem does not do vids now or Rosaleen they made some great vids nice i meant ,love and spanks ,tim .

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