Revenge of Lex Luthor: Art by Nik Zula

What up my spanky peeps? We have some wonderful new artwork by spanking artist Nik Zula, featuring a tushy-tanning Lex Luthor, who is, you see, the arch enemy and supervillian of many superheroes throughout the known world, from Batman and Superman to apparently Wonder Woman — and Bat Woman.  But how and why will red ass help the evil Luthor spark the destruction of all that is good in the world !?! Only time will tell!

On a side note, Nik Zula takes commissions and he can be contacted via his Deviant Art profile page. [Registration required.]

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One thought on “Revenge of Lex Luthor: Art by Nik Zula”

  1. That’s ME as Lex Luthor! Nik did a great job working from photos. He especially captured my evil grin–well, wouldn’t you grin? This is now my Facebook profile picture (at least until they tell me to take it down).

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