OMG! Schoolgirls in Space!


And now for something completely different. Schoolgirls in space? And someone on this ship has reversed the polarity of the neutron flow. Hm. Can you imagine interstellar, galaxy-hopping, deep-space disciplinary spankings at zero gravity? And to spank where no man [or woman] has spanked before? ? ?

The awe-inducing Amelia Jane Rutherford punishes interstellar schoolgirls Amy Hunter and Leia-Ann Woods.

Well, the good people at Northern Spanking just debuted a very clever spanko sci-fi satire called “Schoolgirls in Space” that looks completely awesome and funny, and stars the tushy-tanning triumvirate of Amelia Jane Rutherford [stay tuned for a forthcoming cherry red interview with AJR], Amy Hunter and Leia-Ann Woods.

And Amelia Jane is rocking one of the most deliciously tantalizing outfits I have seen in recent memory….errm……..where was I……hello…

[Click here for a free video preview.]

Inspired in part by the legendary Dr. Who series and shot apparently at a real sci-fi movie set with spacey sound effects, and lots of tin-foil, this is must-see TV.  In addition, Northern Spanking also recently created a new forum which you can check out Here.

p.s. The spanking in space theme has been explored before, most notably by Chelsea Pfeiffer in the film “Space Girls.”

For more info, visit Northern Spanking.

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2 thoughts on “OMG! Schoolgirls in Space!”

  1. OMG! It’s almost all my passions combined: sci-fi, spankings and AJR! If only it was F/m, but a guy can’t have everything, eh? I just LOVE her costume, too! Standalone photo shoot?!

    I actually think Amelia would seriously make an awesome Doctor Who companion… she’s a fantastic actor – spanking or otherwise – and seems such a fun sport!

    Also, I love how whenever there’s a more “out there” spanking video (FHS’s “mocumentary” implement series, Dallas’ Jeanie homage, etc.), she’s almost always involved! 🙂

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