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I heart Amelia Jane Rutherford. <swoon>

And I don’t know anyone that doesn’t adore AJR.  Intelligent. Athletic. Funny. Gorgeous. Completely Super Person. Likes Eating at iHop.  Trained Ballet Dancer. Does Special Exercises to Tone Her Bottom.  Bondage/Fetish/Spanko Model Extraordinaire. I mean, you see, what more do you want? On the spanking front, she has shot pretty much with everyone, including top-notch producers such Firm Hand, Clare FondaChelsea Pfeiffer and countless others.

AJR over Clare Fonda’s lap

Thusly and such, whenever we feature AJR on the CRR, the Cherry Red Interview Division  gets quite excited, giddy, really, to be quite honest. So hope you enjoy this 5 questions with AJR feature!

On a side note, you can watch a selection of AJR’s spanking films on-demand on CherryRedMovies.

So what have you been up to these days, in terms of your modeling work, from fetish to bondage to spanking and such and what have been some your favest, most memorable shoots as of late ?


amelia jane over the knee at Firm Hand Spanking

Having been splitting my time between mainstream and fetish modelling for 6 years now, I think I might have figured out a balance, finally.  In an average month, I’ll do loads and loads of non-fetish, mainstream shoots, which I really enjoy.  Then I’ll probably have a two or three bondage shoots, and I’ll probably model at several times for Restrained Elegance because, you know, I kind of like the owner 😉

I’ll also probably write a couple of shoot plans for other models who are being photographed for Restrained Elegance, and I’ll do some of the rigging too (I’m enjoying learning to tie people up, though I must say I’m the most submissive, apologetic rigger ever; it has not brought out a domme-ly side to me, my approach is kind of like clothing design.)

Then just before I take a few days off, I’ll normally finish the month with a bang, and shoot a spanking movie.  I still bruise easily, so it’s hard to schedule spanking work more often than that.  If I’m very lucky I can schedule some clothed shoots in the days after a spanking shoot, but more often than not I need to take time off because photoshopping bruises off someone’s bottom is jolly hard work so I try not to make people do it.

I had a lovely surprise shoot with Northern Spanking last month (it was a surprise because I had a fashion shoot cancelled at short notice, they had a model cancel for their shoot, and by chance we were in the same part of the country, hoorah!) and I’ve got a shoot coming up with Firm Hand in May.  This is exciting because I’ve written a script which is possibly a bit more difficult to get right than work I’ve done with them before, so I’m interested to see how I cope!  Also, I’m off to Holland with Pandora Blake to shoot for Spanked in Uniform in June, which should be super fun.


A ShadowLane classic

What have been some of your favorite countries, and locales, to shoot and film ?

Ha!  Last year I shot in Norway.  It was beautiful, and it’d have been a complete favorite if only I’d been allowed to stay indoors.  But we were shooting outdoor pictures for Restrained Elegance, and it was terribly, terribly cold, so that probably doesn’t actually count.

I do absolutely love shooting both bondage and spanking work in England; my fantasies always have tended towards melodrama, so England’s history of all sorts of cruelty (and rigid hierarchy) is a great place to inspire shoot ideas.  But how could I not love America?  The combination of giant food (ahhhh, I love IHOP) and some of the most established bondage and spanking sites in the world is a very jolly one.

And I have shot in Africa a couple of times, which I think is just incredibly beautiful.  It wasn’t spanking or bondage work though sadly, so I can’t share any fab pictures of me tied up on an elephant’s back, or being spanked on safari.  Those ideas will just have to stay in my head.

Photo courtesy of Restrained Elegance

If i may ask, you look stunning and super as always and, as someone who’s really into fitness, I’m wondering if you follow a special diet and/or fitness regime that you would not mind sharing?

You’re awfully kind, thank you.  I make a bit of an effort with diet, although I’m fairly slap-dash, to be perfectly honest. My favourite hobby is baking, which makes dieting pretty much impossible.  I have a rule about not having more than one cake a day, and between meals I’m only allowed to eat fruit.  That’s pretty much it.

Exercise-wise I do go to the gym regularly and do a fair amount of walking and cycling, but my proudest achievement is a special bottom exercise I’ve made up.  I do it loads, especially when I’m away from home.

Chelsea Pfeiffer peels AJR’s snug jeans down to reveal a most exquisite and spankable bottom.

In case anyone would like to join in – you stand with your feet wide apart, with your toes pointing outwards (wide second position for the ballet trained amongst you).

Then you bend your knees until your legs are bent to around 90 degrees. Then you gently bounce, feeling your bottom muscles getting fabulously strong, and your bottom shrinking (though not too much, of course).  Fab, I love it 🙂  I do hope it’s helpful to someone!

Are there any spanking shoots you have lined up that you can mention that we can look forward to watching someday soon ?

Ah, I do have one particular project I’m very excited and very frightened about. Let me tell you about it!  Hywel Phillips and I have been shooting work for Restrained Elegance together for 7 years, and while we both love spanking, we haven’t shot an awful lot of it because its not really what most members of the site tend to want to see.  So when Hywel decided last year that he’d like to launch some feature length fetish movies on a non-membership site, we thought it’d be brilliant to make a spanking movie of our own.

We finished shooting it last month, and its just gone up for sale on Elegance Studios.  It’s called ‘Amelia’s Sunday Spanking’ and it records a month’s worth of weekly punishment sessions.  I absolutely love domestic discipline, both in real life and as a movie concept, so I thought it’d be a great first project.

Also, we thought it’d be a nice opportunity to make a spanking movie in which every single spanking would be on an un-marked bottom.  I totally understand why it is normally necessary to shoot multiple spankings in one day at a spanking shoot, but I love to see marks appear on unmarked skin myself, so this was our chance to shoot an hour’s worth of that!

Gorgeous image from Shadow Lane’s classic “As Tears Go By”

As it happens, I’m not sure if I’ll shoot any more real-life domestic discipline movies; it felt a great deal more personal than I was expecting, and I find it a little bit hard to watch.  I’ll be very interested to see what other people think though; it’s so scary being a producer as well as a model.  Wah!  I’ll be shooting for Pandora Blake’s new project in the Summer too, so it’ll be great for me to see how another female producer and model balances the pressures of shooting stuff that’s so personal.

Currently is your interest in fetish, generally speaking, veering more toward bondage-y stuff or more towards spanky stuff or somewhere in the middle ?

I do apologize, I don’t think you wanted such long answers so I’ll keep this one short.  [Editorial Note: I love your long answers!] I’m so interested when I talk to other people about how their tastes change over time, but my desires have stayed pretty much the same for ages.

I love being spanked (and love to hate it) and I love being tied up.  If both happen together, even better!  It gives me hope that I’ll always be kinky, I hate the thought that one day I’ll grow out of it.

Bonus Question! What one celebrity could really use a good spanking right now and why?

Ohhh, I feel rude about answering this!  So instead of saying who I think should be spanked (there are several who spring to mind) I’ll say who I think would maybe like to be spanked instead.  I’m really sorry if she’s reading this and I’m wrong, but I’m thinking Rihanna might enjoy it.

I’ve been noticing a trend of dramatic, romantic, victiminess in her songs for years, so I hope she might be a fellow spankee.  If not, she’s still inspired lots of fantasies for me (ahhhhh, Russian Roulette!) so I’ll still like her 🙂

Thank you very much for your time!

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  1. By far your Chelsea Spanks comment telling her “It doesn’t hurt one bit” was THE funniest comment uttered in any of those videos. 🙂

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