The Spanking Spot: The Cherry Red Exclusive Interview


Artistic rendering of the spanko blogger known as "Brushstrokes"

There is a famous, popular and apparently tireless blogger by the name of Brushstrokes, my dear readers. And this blogger has a 5-year-old spanko blog made of cherry red goodness that is updated just about daily, which, of course, is called The Spanking Spot.

His blog offers heaps of comprehensive coverage of the spanking biz with detailed industry updates and red ass reviews, and is spiced with witty and rambling commentary on politics, life in general, the end of the world, and other often completely random topics.

Anyway, you see, your humble narrator wanted to know: who is this man of which we speaketh? What explains his self-deprecating sense of good humor; lifelong taste for cherry red tushy; his apparent ability to defeat the common malady known as Spanko Blogger Burnout; and his love of woman in overalls?? Who really is Brushstrokes?  Well, all this and more shall be revealed in this cherry red exclusive interview with the creator of The Spanking Spot, as I ask him some silly questions, of course, and some serious spanko questions as well. Enjoy!

[Editorial Note: Stay tuned for a forthcoming Q&A with the cameraman for the Spanked Sweeties site, discussing new hottie and Penthouse model Veronica Ricci.  And this just in: the newest Sweetie is a lovely lass named Ash.]

Thank you Mr. Brushstrokes for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report.

Thank you for your invite,  I am overjoyed to be here.  In fact I am so happy I am going to paint myself blue!  Or maybe green,  perhaps yellow. Or fuchsia if I can ever figure out what color that really is.

I love fuschia. So is it true you are patiently awaiting the zombie apocalypse?

Look, I know there are naysayers out there, but the fact remains civilization will be destroyed by hordes of brain eating zombies.  You see, if you if you put an infinite number of Conservatives in a room with an infinite number of typewriters one of them is going to learn how to write.  With all the people being born and dying, someone, somewhere will eventually turn into the undead.

That day I believe is May 21st 2011 as predicted by the radio evangelist Harold Camping. Now aside from looking like death warmed over himself, he claims that May 21st God is going to raise the dead.  But this is where I differ from him.  He thinks there will be a flood and four dudes on horseback who will make a mess of things.  I think they will just want to eat our brains.  At least until the flying spaghetti monster comes and puts a stop to it with its noodle goodness.

Indeed. Do you think spankos will someday take over the world ?

Absolutely.  But first we have to survive the Zombie Apocalypse which of course I believe we Spankos are the perfect candidate to put down the undead uprising.  After all Spanking a Zombie doesn’t do much good and it really annoys the Zombie.

So the plan is in place.  On the west coast, the famed Zombie survivalist and Spanker Chelsea Pfeiffer is preparing her zombie proof compound and on the east, of course, the headquarters of The Spanking Spot  is well fortified on top of a mountain.  There we shall wait out the impeding doom and repopulate the world with our Spanking Ilk.

On a blogging note, you’ve been posting to The Spanking Spot for 5 years….do you ever get tired of looking at, and writing about, cherry red bottoms? Do you ever fear you will suffer from the common malady known as Spanko Blogger’s Burnout?

You know in all seriousness yes.  My significant other told me I am the only male she knows that complains about downloading porn.  Not to say I don’t enjoy it!  But like a movie reviewer said  “Yea it’s a fun job when the movie is good.  But think of all the bad ones you have to sit though.”  It’s a little bit like that.  (Not that there are any truly bad Spankings).

Also when you do a 6 day a week schedule like I do,  You find you run out of things to write about.  There is only so much complaining one can do about Republicans, Democrats, and people from New Jersey.  As for the Spankings well as you know one becomes somewhat limited, if you keep to the topic.  How many ways can one say “That Spanking hurt” (327.2 to be exact,  I counted).

To use your own words, you said you look a bit like a troll or possibly a hobbit(?) or a gnome. In what way?

Interesting question, Well I would have to say no to that immediately, since I lack fir on my feet and I am not quite as cuddly as Frodo.  Plus I have an aversion to holes in the ground.  As for a Gnome, well I tried for about a year standing motionless in people’s gardens but that seemed to irritate them since they always called the police.

You have informed me that you have a strong aversion to geese. And possibly other winged creatures. Why is that?

You see,  I used to own waterfront property.  You haven’t quite lived until you hear the anguished cries of a domesticated male when, after months of hard work making his lawn the pride of the neighborhood, walking out one morning to be greeted by 50 of these rats with wings shitting all over the place.

At first I simply chased them with my lawn mower, which they proved to be too fast and rather messy if one wasn’t.  I then resorted to a good old fashion slingshot.  You know what happens when you whack a goose with a steel ball?  It shits. Which seems to be their response to just about everything.

As for other winged creatures I am quite fond of them.  There are two bluebirds making a nest in one of my bird houses right now.  They are of course rather blue.  Though I find it rather amusing the male simply stands guard while the female collects all the twigs for the nest.  I will have to ask its advice how it does that when the babies are born.

Perhaps my favorite is the horrible looking Turkey Vulture which when living in the country you see quite a lot of them.  Although probably the ugliest things I have ever seen, they enjoy taking dead things off your lawn and eating them so you don’t have to.  (Namely geese that umm…. died from natural causes like lawnmower poisoning.)

Name 2 celebrities that you’d like to see spank each other….

Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon whom considering how they roll, it is likely it has already happened.  Better yet how about Rob watching me Spank Sheri Moon.  Hell, while were at it why not invite Captain Spaulding?

Quite a ways back, I recall you blogging that you enjoy a beautiful woman clad in overalls. Discuss.

Well for the longest time I thought such a strange attraction was due to me growing up in the late 70’s/ early 80’s where they went in and out of fashion at various times.  That was until I realized the first girl I ever Spanked was wearing them.  You see I was about 8 years old playing at the playground with my cheap knockoff of GI Joe with the kung fu grip. (My mother was incredibly cheap).

You gotta understand that instead of a kung fu grip,  it had a bionic hand that you could twirl and make him fly.  Unfortunately it was like twice the size of the other figures which really sucked since it wouldn’t fit down the GI Joe Jungle Gym trap door!

In any case this girl arrives (we will call her Mary).  Who was a year younger than me.  As soon as she sees me she tears my cheap knockoff of GI Joe from my young hands.  So I say “Hey! give my cheap knockoff of GI Joe with the kung fu grip back!” Well as you can guess she didn’t, and rather than crying over my lost toy, I chased her, grabbed her and of course Spanked her until she gave me back my cheap knockoff of GI Joe with the kung fu grip. Oddly she never did tell her mother.  But strangely I ended up dating (and spanking) her for a bit after high school.

As your namesake is Brushstrokes, I believe that implement is your favest as you have said, generally speaking? how many do you own at the present time ?

The thing about hairbrushes is that they are rather sturdy.  Even the cheap plastic ones you buy at CVS will withstand even the most serious of Spankings so I tend not to have many.  I have a plastic one and a wooden one (when my significant other is naughtier).

But I am in search of a fine silver hairbrush with a smooth back and etchings in the handle from the days of old.  I have searched many an estate sale for the perfect one and have yet to fulfill my quest.  Obviously my significant other is not to thrilled about having a hunk of metal applied to her ass, but then again, should I ever find it it will be used only for special occasions.

May I suggest eBay for obtaining such a vintage hairbrush. Anyway, I understand you do not mind the occasional libation. So what is your favorite adult beverage of choice?

Well my spirit of choice is a vodka martini, dry. I see no difference between shaken and stirred quite honestly.  I have written many a Spanking post after a couple of these wonderful drinks.  And although as you point out so kindly I do enjoy the sauce.  You must know that Brushstrokes is indeed not a lush.  For example I only drink in the evening. Well on occasion in the late afternoon.  Though sometimes at lunch.  Come to think of it I have been known to have an occasional bloody mary (or two) in the morning.  But never at dusk!

Cheers to that! You have blogged about how you recently moved the headquarters of the Spot from NYC to New England. What sparked that move and how are you enjoying the lovely N.E. region so far?

Frank Sinatra lied that’s why.  When you grow up in my beloved city you realize something.  If you can make it there you cannot make it anyplace else since everything and everyone generally pisses you off.  But with age and a race out to the suburbs, one gets used to incredibly slow lines and stores that actually close!

After a few years of that, your edge gets whittled away and upon returning you realize you no longer belong.  Small Chinese ladies rummaging though your garbage at 5am on recycle day start to bother you.  Walking out your back door only to be face to face with your neighbors in their pajama’s after listening to their amorous activities half the night begins to wear you thin.  Besides, how the hell are you supposed to survive the zombie outbreak in that sea of humanity?

No, I opted for the serene isolation of my adopted rural New England.  Aside from Patriots fans, I can now feel like I am on vacation every day.  The loud protests of my significant other that echo across the valley when she is being corrected bother no one but my neighboring bluebirds.  Though, even they have a disapproving look on their faces.

Thanks very much for your time, Mr. Brushstrokes, and keep up the spanktastic, cherry red work!

Thank you!  And of course anyone who wants to suffer though my abominable attempt at wit, survive the zombie Apocalypse  or wish to see hot girls getting spanked can find me at The Spanking Spot!

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5 thoughts on “The Spanking Spot: The Cherry Red Exclusive Interview”

  1. Great job, guys! I’m still giggling over the gaggle of goosy grossness. Steel balls? I wouldn’t have thought of that. My husband is a huge fan of fireworks in such cases.

    In any case, thanks for a fun interview!


  2. What a relief to find there at least two people who have lost the plot more than I have. Great job. I’m nearly burnt out after three months, any zombie that turns up here will be put to work writing my blog. I’m immune to them – no brain left to eat 😉

  3. Brilliant, and what a wonderful way to end this long, horrid Wednesday! Want to try the steel ball thing on the Hadida’s (Africa’s version of hysteria contained in a bird) – especially at 5 in the morning, when they have their daily meeting in front of my bedroom window.


  4. You know, the only implement that’s ever broken while used on me is the hairbrush. Twice. One was a cheap wooden one, and the other was of higher quality wood. Both times I remember it quite well (as you can imagine).

    Belts never break. 😉

    Great interview, you two!



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