Spanking a Penthouse Pet: Behind the Scenes with Veronica Ricci


Veronica gets man-spanked on Spanked Sweeties.....yum!

With adult star and Penthouse Pet Veronica Ricci recently making her debut on Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties and also the Girl Spanks Girl site, getting her bodacious backside cherry reddened deliciously, we thought we’d ask Clare’s longtime, hardworking and unstoppable Camerman [he is simply known as “The Camerman] for some behind-the-scenes details on Ms. Ricci i.e. She came to the shoot with an extensive selection of girlish bikini panties. Uh huh.

"Umm.....Uh oh...I hope I'm not in trouble again..???"

[We here at CRR hope to interview Ms. Ricci herself for a future blog post.] Veronica is also extensively interviewed on Sweeties, talking about her spanking experiences growing up and nowadays.

To warm you all up, for starters check out some free spanking photos @@! 🙂

**Veronica Ricci on Spanked Sweeties Gallery One and Two. Hawtness.

**Veronica in daisy dukes getting spanked by Clare.  Whoa…those shorts are hella’ good….uh huh..

**Speaking of shorty shorts, check out the latest Sweetie: Ash Hollywood.

And now, on to the actual interview! So Mr. Camerman, what was it like working with the highly spankable Penthouse Pet Veronica Ricci?

Veronica is a dream to work with — She is funny, sweet, kind, up for trying anything for a shoot, and did I mention she is stunning and has a curvy spankable bottom?

Panty perfection and a bottom to die for. . . .


Indeed! 🙂 So how were you or Clare Fonda able to secure the spanktastic services of Ms. Ricci?

Actually, I was working on a vanilla project with Veronica when we struck up a conversation.  During that conversation, she mentioned she does adult work.  I said that I film fetish content, mostly for Clare Fonda.  She seemed very curious and started asking about who all I have worked with.  Turns out there are many models we both have worked with.

She started asking more about the fetish shoots I videotaped.  She said she has always been curious about spanking and enjoyed getting some spanks from friends and really wanted to try a spanking shoot – something she had never done before.  So I hooked her up with Clare’s contact info and Clare booked her for a Spanked Sweeties shoot and also Hot Girls Spanked.

Have you ever photographed a Penthouse Pet before?

I know Kay Richards has appeared in Penthouse more than once, and she has also appeared in Playboy.  But she uses a different model name for those shoots and her spanking shoots.  Beyond Kay and Veronica, I am not aware of any of the other model I photographed being a Penthouse Pet.

Veronica was not just a Pet, but it came down to her and another model for Penthouse Pet of the Year for 2010.  Veronica ended up as the runner up (though I would’ve voted for her if they gave me a vote).

And this was Veronica’s first ever spanking shoot, correct ? though she’s not quite a stranger to a hot backside?

Yes, as I mentioned, Veronica had never done a spanking shoot before and didn’t know what to expect.   She was spanked growing up – which she talks about in the Sweeties Interview.


Clad in short-shorts and a Girl Scout top.....Naughty girl Veronica gets some good, old-fashioned discipline from Clare Fonda


Do you think she’s a true spanko or ?

Veronica talked about being spanked by friends a little in her interview (or maybe she said that when the cameras weren’t rolling??).  But it didn’t sound too serious.  Just some light play.  Maybe a few smacks here or there.

But in my opinion (and this is just my opinion), she seemed very curious and interested in spanking.  I think she felt her bottom stinging greatly when Clare spanked her, but possibly also some pleasure.  Again, this is just my opinion.  But if this is correct, then yes, I would say on some level she is a spanko.

Yum. Also, it seems like Veronica’s gorgeous bottom colors up very nicely?

There aren’t many bottoms that color up as quickly and as thoroughly as Veronica’s did on this shoot.  She gets very red and with lots of speckling.   The speckling she got reminded me of how Kay Richard’s bottom speckles.  So now that I have mentioned Veronica and Kay twice, there must be some correlation.

Maybe it’s “girls whose bottoms speckle become Penthouse Pets?”  The irony here is that Kay was scheduled to shoot (for a couple of Hot Girls Spanked clips) with Veronica the night of this shoot, but Kay had something come up and couldn’t make it.

That stinks–hope you can reschedule that super shoot. You have talked about some models traveling with heavy suitcases packed to the brim with all sorts of clothes and various wardrobes and the like–what was Ms. Ricci’s wardrobe like?

Veronica brought one moderately sized suitcase of clothing to the shoot.  I would say the size was below the average for what most models lug to these shoots, but her bags would be too large to carry on to a plane.

What was most impressive was the seemingly endless supply of full panties that Veronica had, with a large variety – mostly little girl cute (think smiley faces on yellow panties).  Most adult models rarely even show up with one pair of full panties.  They just don’t own them.  But Veronica seems to collect them.  Good for her.

Delicious. by the way, I wonder if you could arrange an outdoor spanking shoot with Veronica, just in time for Spring?

Clare just moved.  So it might be a while before we are brave and/or stupid enough to try another outdoor shoot.

Will you be shooting with her again, I hope?

Clare would love to shoot with Veronica again, and Veronica would love to shoot with Clare again.  So I’d say there is an outstanding chance of it happening again.

We will be shooting the annual “Exclusive Education” school girl video in early August and I predict that Veronica will be appearing as one of the naughty students if she is available that day. She does erotic scenes, so maybe she will shoot for Girls Spanks Girl again before that.

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  1. Veronica Ricci is amazing – no doubt. I am on board with whatever she wants to do, top, bottom, talk you name it!!! Let’s not cut Clare out of the pictures,though- okay?

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