This Just In: Cherry Red News in Brief


Here are a few cherry-picked cherry red news nuggets, bloggie finds and various cherry red hawtness.

Perv on over and check out Pink’s fabulous “Seven Habits of Highly Spankable People.”

Amelia Jane Rutherford <swoon> is working on a new site, so far with just a few bondage and spanky vids, but it looks Quite promising: Elegance Studios.

Fantastic name for a blog: No Domme Blonde.

Let’s meet Ash Hollywood.

The battle against online piracy is not a battle. It’s a war. Read more Here.

Have you perved out the luscious leather goods at The London Tanners newly designed site? Though I’m surprised all their items only are avail in one color: tobacco brown. Why not cherry red?

Chross’ collection of “Kiss Me Kate” stills continues to grow with his latest additions to his comprehensive collection.

Sarah Gregory sent me some delightful updated sample galleries, and here’s a lovely one Here.

I heart the sizzling spanko fiction and super blogging of Loki Renard.

Check out the outstanding interview conducted by Season and Michael at the Blossom and Thorn site with the legendary Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts fame.

Always dig Hermione‘s rockin’ spanky blog.

Abel and Haron’s “The Spanking Writers” is always super, and they have also published some anthlogies of their best bloggie posts.

Looking to relax? Once you enter the newly designed SpankAmber homepage, the beautiful piano music of Erik Satie will sooth your soul, along with Amber’s stunning beauty.

A errm…..glowing review of Kitty’s Exotic Paddles on the View from a Top site.

A supah’ kewl 100% amateur photo-blog that offers a lot of creativity and eye candy and plain spanko awesomeness: OldFashionGirl Spanking.

A veritable treasure trove of mouth-watering, pulse-quickening vid clips that you can watch right here on this bloggie: point your mouse over Here.

Poppy’s blog always intrigues and entertains.

Chelsea is re-posting one of my favest vids on GoodSpanking, featuring the stunning tight-jeans clad Cherry in her pink panties, and tiny cherry tattoo on her hip. Exquisite. [Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Alexis Steele, who recently starred on Chelsea’s site.]

Of pirates and spankings on The Spank Statement.

Should wives be spanked? Um..Is this a trick question….

The gorgeous Minx Girl puts her bottom on the line for science, and conducts her own review of a bamboo paddle.

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