Alexis Steele: The Cherry Red Interview

Self-described "tough-bottomed brat" Alexis Steele gets a bare-bottomed lesson with one of Chelsea Pfeiffer's many implements...

We are delighted to present an interview with a lovely new spanking model, and lifelong spanko, Alexis Steele, whose gorgeous buns of steel get cherry reddened most enthusiastically by Chelsea Pfeiffer on GoodSpanking.  Armed with a variety of implements, Chelsea gets the sassy and bratty Ms. Steele’s bouncing bottom glowing hot and sizzling, although Alexis apparently can’t help but..errm…well, enjoy all this disciplinary attention, as you’ll see in the Member’s section.

Hi Alexis Steele…thank you for taking the time to chat with CRR!

Dave, thank you for including me in the CRR club. It’s my pleasure share my spanko experiences with the readers of The Cherry Red Report. You truly have one of the most entertaining spanking blogs out there. We never know what’s up for discussion next. Happy 4th birthday and many many more to come.

Thank you:-) So what was it like filming for Chelsea Pfeiffer’s GoodSpanking site?

Well, Chelsea is one of my spanking idols so this was a dream come true. Her studio is really a great place to film. It’s very visually appealing and the furniture used for spankings is very comfortable. For a minute it was easy to forget that my bottom was being “set on fire!”

Chelsea's bathbrush is quite effective!

As for Chelsea, I’ve gotten to know her well over the last year through emails and a private spanking session. If you ever met a mainstream celebrity, I kinda had what I would equate to a similar experience hanging with Chelsea. She really IS a girl’s best friend/sister/, etc. for pre and post shoots BUT when the cameras role, or the session has begun, that LADY is ALL formidable business.

She has the expertise to go from laughing over something vanilla related, to giving an intimidating glare, a serious scolding and the strength to pull someone down across her knee!  I have been nothing but impressed with Chelsea’s talent whether watching her websites’ videos or getting my own spankings from her.

And Larry is an unbelievable photographer. I was very pleasantly surprised at the close up reactions he filmed of my shoot. This was a great type of shoot for me, because no acting was required of me. I really got to be the BRAT I am without any scripts, so although I was a bit nervous I actually felt less pressure because I was my true self. Neither Chelsea or Larry were demanding or difficult to please.

As I understand it, in regards to the Chelsea shoot, you seemed to not completely mind being over her seasoned lap and had some delicious errm….reactions…?

HA!  HA! Yeah, seeing evidence of my “DNA” was an initial shock. But you know what? I do love getting spankings and Chelsea is obviously a great looking woman. Evidently I get the same turn on from punishment spankings as others do from receiving erotic ones.

I know that during the spanking my behavior ranged from light hearted sassing, to genuine happy surprise at how much the spanking hurt, to the redemption of seeing the errors of my ways-particularly towards the end.  It seems the hardest part of the spanking really gave me the biggest thrill. What do YOU think Dave?  LOL!

*grins* Chelsea utilized quite an array of spanky implements on your backside?

Yeah, you don’t say! Our beloved Miss Pfeiffer wielded her hardest spanky toys from her arsenal. She so kindly told me she wanted me to get an experience I would remember. Well, no forgetting a spanking like that!  Actually, I already knew I loved wooden paddles (actually I get VERY turned on at the sight of one in person) and I wanted to make my video as memorable as possible.

I knew I would really have my limits tested since I had never been caned before. And I wanted to feel her infamous steel reinforced strap. Well…I felt it, plenty…and LOVED it. The bath brush is also a heavy hitter. I would fully understand someone bawling their eyes out, if that were used without the benefit of a warm up.

Just to rewind a bit, what sparked your decision to get into the spanko biz?

For years I read spanking stories and any book I could get my hands on containing spanking references. When the Internet surfaced, I knew I wanted to be a spanking model but back then, my life’s plans hindered that. The spanking desire never diminished for me, however.

A few years ago, after I discovered Punished Brats and Good Spanking, my desire increased. I studied many types of spankings on video as well as storylines. I realized that my smart assed bratty personality does have a place in the spanko biz. I believe I can be an asset for the right producers and look forward to more shoot opportunities.

Have you shot with other producers as well? {if so, whom and what was that like?]

No sir. Chelsea broke my spanking shoot cherry. She was pretty gentle about it too, in spite of my very cherry red bum.

Who would you like to work with in the future?

I adore Pixie Wells. I would love to work with her and I can say with complete sincerity: That girl spanks…HARD!  She looks like an angelic doll, but swings a paddle like a major league baseball all star!

I am a Clare Fonda fan. Like Chelsea, she’s a fantastic switch. Very sassy as a bottom, but very menacing as the pissed off Mom cracking that hairbrush down on a bratty daughter’s butt. What I especially love about Clare as a bottom is her facial expressions during a firm/severe spanking.

I saw a clip where Veronica Daniels gave her a bare bottomed hand spanking and it was really hurting, but Clare still engaged in some subtle bratting. THEN Veronica picked up the spanking force and pace. Very brave of Clare.

Dallas is another producer I admire. Since I love getting firm/severe spankings, it looks like he’d have no problem at all delivering a lasting message to a “tough bottomed brat” like myself.

Would you consider yourself a born spanko or ?

I love this question. My answers are all over the map on it, too. As a young kid, I remember witnessing my friend’s getting spanked-sometimes bare bottomed. I do remember a strange combo of internal feelings such as terror/nervousness/embarassment and also thrill — hoping I’d be next. My parents never spanked me, but never denied anyone permission to spank me either.

I do recall some teenaged baby sitters at different times giving me a single spank. I was always fully clothed and they either used hand or belt. I liked the slight sting, but always had to say, “That didn’t hurt!”  During 7th through 11th grade, I was horrid. I defied my teachers at any opportunity. I used to swear at them, blow off homework, etc. Big surprise, huh, that I was threatened about a dozen times with school paddlings. But for some reason, I always left the office, just soundly scolded, but unpaddled.

If you were on a desert island, what is the one spanking implement, if any, you’d take with you and why?

I hate to be a smart aleck here. But I’d automatically have at least two:  my hands to start with. 🙂  Seriously, I’d bring a heavy wooden paddle, possibly one with holes in it. Not only would I have very sunblistered bottom cheeks, but I could also multi-task and get a great arm workout just swinging the behemoth!

Generally speaking, what are some of your favest spanking scenarios/fantasies, if i may ask?

I always fantasized about getting spanked by: Dana Delany, Marg Helgenberger, Heart’s Nancy Wilson, Mark Harmon, Hines Ward, Troy Polamalu, and both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

My favest role playing is defiant student-teacher/principal. This is where I get to be MEGA BRAT and mouth off to my heart’s content(not neccesarily to my bottom’s). You know how much I’ve raved about getting spanked/paddled over tight jeans. This one gets me that wish and then some.

Digruntled employee/boss is pretty fun, too. I had a private session with Punished Brat’s Veronica Bound using this scenario. It was a crazy combo of a complete laugh fest with each of us hurling insults at one another to serious reddening of my bratty ass. She was actually the first woman to spank me.

And I really love role playing with Chelsea when she’s in Aunt Chelsea mode. This gets me a stern lecture, heavy spanking and a nurturing hug when the spanking’s over.
I guess I have wide open role playing interests with a common theme. As hard as I get em’ I need that balance of wittiness, laughter and comfort for the best satisfaction.

Do you think spankos will someday take over the world as we know it?

We should take over the world. There would be better display of manners, character and alot less crime if spankos ran society.  On second thought, we LOVE our discipline too much, so we’d keep getting into mischief.

Name a celebrity or two that you think could use a good spanking….

Justin “teen-heartthrob” what’s his face-Bieber. I just read when he guest starred on CSI, he was a brat. The short and sweet details I read was he shoved a producer into a closet…and punched a cake. For fun I guess?

Any pro athlete who assaults other players, fans, or officials just because they’re bigger and or stronger than the other person.

All of the reality TV “stars” who think it’s “hot” when they’re filmed throwing up in public, peeing stark naked in the corner of a carpeted room, or spitting on someone else.

What are some of your non-kinky, vanilla interests and passions and hobbies?

I’ve been a karaoke junkie for about 15 years now. I love to sing anything classic rock, 80’s hair band songs. Get 2 or 3 of my other drunk chick best friends together and we sing a kick ass version of Styx’s “Renegade,” Whitesnake’s “Slow and Easy.” Also for kicks, we act verrrryy naughty too, and change other people’s song choices to rude, crude lyrics-like an x-rated version of Weird Al.

The only good thing about winter for me, is the NFL season. I can lay around like a sloth for hours on Sunday’s and watch all the games.

Plus, I also hit the gym nearly every day. I MUST keep my butt in challenging shape for my fave tops to work over.

Anything cool playing on you iPod or radio these days?

I am a die hard classic rock fan, but I love Lady Gaga and am wide open to most top 40 songs right now.

Thanks much for your time Alexis!

Thanks for the interview request, Dave. It was fun and reminds me of my college journalism classes.

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