A Cherry Red Chat with Mike from Spanked in Uniform


"Police Chief" Mike admires his handiwork that graces the gorgeous bottoms of two misbehaving police constables...

If you haven’t checked out Spanked in Uniform, it’s def worth a look, featuring nurses, military officers, schoolgirls, stewardesses, cheerleaders and more, all receiving quite solid cherry reddening treatment primarily from the site’s seasoned Spanker in Chief: Mike, who also runs the sizzling Real Life Spankings.  And Spanked in Uniform (SIU) even recently opened up a “Naval Academy” in which incorrigible naval cadets are handled in the time-tested manner. We caught up with Mike and his burgeoning collection of uniforms recently and asked him for the latest….

Thanks Mike for taking the time to chat with CRR.

You are most welcome. Thanks for having me on your blog again.

So I understand shooting again with Amelia Jane Rutherford and Pandora Blake for Spanked in Uniform. What is like working with these two spanko stars, and what scenes/uniforms do you plan to shoot with them?

It is a real pleasure working with both of them. They are both amazingly talented actresses, brilliant spanking models and two of the nicest models I have worked with. This is the first time we booked them together. We will do episodes of all 8 series and a few extra as well.

What models would you like to work with someday at SIU, that you have not worked with ever before?

Oh that is a good question. As they say: so many bottoms, so little time…Actually Kelly and I will be at the Shadowlane party in Vegas in September and we will do a few shoots while there. I am really looking forward  in working with a few of your American spanking models. The girls we will shoot with so far are Kat. St. James and most likely Sarah Gregory. I am still looking for a few more. I would love to work with Pixie though. She is a sweetheart. And we might have Kelly Payne as spanker.

As the lead Top, do you ever grow weary of spanking gorgeous models or not really ?

What do YOU think? 🙂

Indeed! One of the newest sections on SIU is the naval academy. How did you come up with that idea?

Well the naval academy was a logical follow up to the Montgomery military academy.

I see a theme here. As the chief spanker on the site, you personally wear quite a wide array of uniforms and various hats and whatnot, from military fatigues to a doctor’s uniform, airline pilot, etc. Do you have one that is a particular favorite?

At the moment I love the Naval Officer Uniform as it is quite smart with the white and gold and it’s easy to get into the role if you wear a proper uniform. It’s the same with the military fatigues. The girls say I am a mean officer when I bark at them 🙂 I love it!

Do you plan to launch any new uniforms/schools within the SIU site?

We are working on a few ideas. One of them is an old fashioned typing school with smart business suits for the girls. Not really uniforms as such but quite a few of our members have requested something like this. Now that we have our new location and a permant big green screen set up, I am also working on some historical series and settings, such as Roman, Medieval, World War Two, etc.

Where and how do you find all these various uniforms and outfits? eBay?

That is a trade secret but not Ebay. The fatigues we get at a local army surplus store.

Some of your primary models have been shooting with you for a long time now, for both SIU and RLS….Angel…Jolie? etc? I take it they are just simply incorrigible, thankfully, and will just never learn how to behave? 😉

We are very fortunate to have a great team of girls that we built up over the years. Some always fall away but we get new models all the time

Thanks much and keep up the cherry red work.

You are welcome and keep up the good work on your blog!

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4 thoughts on “A Cherry Red Chat with Mike from Spanked in Uniform”

  1. “When constabulary duty’s to be done, to be done, a policeman’s lot is not a happy one.” — Gilbert and Sullivan

    I think what’s appealing about the uniform thing is that it feeds into the fantasy that women, or men for that matter, are all the same, and are interchangeable and standard. As for exactly WHY that’s hot, maybe it’s linked in some weird way with the “all is one” concept prevalent in eastern spirituality.

    Or maybe it’s just that you don’t need to be selective, any one will do just as well. At least that’s maybe the fantasy. It’s maybe that it relieves you from having to deal with each person as an individual, and lets you focus on their sexual dimension. Although that CAN’T be the reason they have uniforms in schools. That must be more about subtly enforcing conformity.

    Certainly there’s a high standard of evenness of colour on those two bottoms in the lead picture. Very pretty, and the uniforms go well with it.

    I see you’re frequently changing your header, Dave. Of course you’ve forever been tweaking the look of your site. I really liked the header you had up just recently based on the Kami Tora picture. I’d vote to bring that one back.

    Keep up the good work, Dave!

  2. Hm…an interesting analysis on this topic. thank you. I’ve never really thought about the *why” as to why uniforms are hot.

    Ah yes the delicious Kami Tora banner–glad you like it:-)–I’ll put it back up there soon. I rotate my headers just to keep things fresh ‘n’ tasty.

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