Yup. That’s Hot.


I have seen so so so many spanky pix that after a while, the brain turns numb at times, and it gets more difficult to find imagery that really intrigues me. Such as this exquisite and alluring eye candy above, which interestingly, doesn’t have any of the standard elements of most spanko erotica.

Anyone know where this is from?? [And would anyone like to suggest a caption?]

{Addendum: I think it may be from the schoolgirl modeling site St. Mackenzies, which is an intoxicatingly sizzling site, though it doesn’t focus on spanking. Just beautiful imagery of incredibly naughty, scantily-clad schoolgirls. But I digress…} Addendum #2: An alert reader has notified me the photo is actually from SchoolMistressFantasy.

I love the fact that this stylized photo is ambiguous. The voyeur is not quite clear what is happening; and therefore and quite wonderfully, you see, well, much is left to the imagination, especially with her pleated grey schoolgirl skirt still down.

Yes I do like the fact that it is staged. I don’t always need and crave “realism” and authenticity.

Sometimes I just want hawtness.

Other delightful details: the perfect hairbrush placement; the facial expressions are absolutely fantastic here and a mission-critical element of a hot photo–a come hither look of divine pleasure from the spankee? her finger teasing her lips. And frustration [ie. she’s NOT supposed to be enjoying this!] or is that focused concentration from the spanker?

The plain white background is fab and helps provide some mystery and intrigue, as the standard schoolroom/chalkboard and detention tableaux can get old after a while. And the vintage schooldesk is a terrific touch as well.

Your thoughts?? ๐Ÿ™‚

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4 thoughts on “Yup. That’s Hot.”

  1. You said it all ๐Ÿ™‚ One of my favourite sites. Reckon the spanker must be a prefect given her special tie and belt…too young to be a teacher, and has a school skirt. I think she has just realised she has been manipulated ๐Ÿ˜€ The spankee seems to be looking at the teacher, who is supervising?

    “Perhaps you should take over, Sir?”

  2. Love this photo for all the reasons you listed in your marvelous critique, Dave. Posed spanking photographs can border on art and can illicit wonderful emotions, doesn’t always need to be the realism of a cherry red bum as the imagination can take a person much further. This photo pushes a lot of buttons and I do adore both girls’ expressions, especially the spankee.

    My caption would be”

    “Prefect Clarissa James was surprised by the sensual response from the new girl, Penelope Wilson, to her first hairbrush paddling when she was caught smoking on school grounds”

  3. Very nice Wordsmith!

    Thank you Michael and great caption ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hm…My caption would be, let’s see: “Ooo this is a lot better than being sent to stupid detention, though I hope she doesn’t find out I have thong panties on…..mmm….”

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