An Exclusive Interview with the Chross Blog

Who is this mysterious, tireless blogger known as Mr. Chross? Find out now! In this cherry red exclusive interview with the Chross spanking blog!

This self-described “spankologist” has created quite a popular spanko blog, featuring hard-to-find mainstream spanking gems and cool butt-blazing art and photos, in addition to hosting a busy spanko forum. [On a side note, be sure to check out Pink’s tongue-in-cheek, and truly wonderfully titled: “Top 10 Reasons Why Chross Annoys Me.” ]

Thank you Mr. Chross for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report ! When you first started your blog (7?) years ago, did you ever think it would become as popular and widely-read as it is today ?

It feels like 7 years, doesn’t it? Actually, it was just 4 1/2 year ago. I really had no set goals or expectations when I started it. Everybody looks at the visitor stats, of course, and expects a certain minimum amount of visitors. But not in the least had I expected it to grow the way it has.

Do you think cherry red is the best color, generally speaking?

Uhm. Color shades are usually more a topic of female discussions. Don’t tell them it’s blue when it’s lavender; or pink, when it’s fuchsia. But then most of my (male and female) reader certainly are experts for the different shades of red – and cherry-red is just a fantastic color. In normal life, I’d say blue is my favorite color. But then in some cases blue follows red.

When you are not blogging about spanking, what are some of your “vanilla” and non-kinky passions and hobbies and such?

Well, I do have a full-time job and a family, so there is really not much time left for other things. I read quite a lot. As there would be not enough time to keep other projects alive, my other interests – especially the nerdy stuff like webdesign, programming and photo editing –  are now also covered by the website. From time to time I enjoy a game of football (soccer for those across the pond) and also a regular game of Snooker.

What’s playing on your CD player or iPod these days ?

Not much. I used to be an obsessive music collector when I was younger. But nowadays I rarely listen to music at home; mostly in the car, just changing radio stations until I find a song I like. From time to time I browse YouTube looking for people who have uploaded their – often amazing – acoustic cover versions of popular songs.

Do you think spankos will someday take over the world?

I’d settle with general acceptance really ;). There’s no need to force the pure, but poor creatures we call “the vanillas” to do things they will neither fully understand nor really enjoy.

Did you know that when you mention a site or link on your “Spankings of the Week” section, it has sparked its own terminology? i.e. “Wow, my stats have gone through the roof! I just got Chrossed today!” 🙂

I did. Incredible, isn’t it? Another thing I had never expected to happen – becoming proverbial. And most astonishing of all, the proverb has a positive meaning, too 😉

Indeed it does. So what inspired you to start your own spanking blog in the first place?

I did have a crude spanking website a long time ago – at the dawn of the Internet age when loading a single picture would take enough time to have a cup of coffee.  Or in bad cases a large can of coffee. I eventually took down the site.  During my studies, I spent lots of my online time also on other stuff – and ended up being in charge of of a major German website (not related to spanking or anything sexual at all).

That also was the time when I started teaching myself to design websites and code scripts – knowledge that proved very valuable later on for the Chross website. After I quit, I quickly realized how much I missed the process of designing, coding and running a web site. To fill this void I started the “Spanking Guide to the Internet.” Picking a spanking web site (again) was the obvious choice as I had by that time collected a lot of spanking stuff over the years.

How do you find all the rare mainstream spanko clips that you frequently post?

I find them quite entertaining. Seriously, there are a number of very different ways and places. The obvious one would be on my hard drive. Very important are reader contributions which have led me to some real gems over the last years. Keep them coming!

Obviously doing extensive web searches, reading message boards etc. also helps a lot.
It also happens from time to time that you end up discovering new stuff while searching for something completely different – like a particular movie scene. A new combination of search terms may lead to very interesting results.

Would you consider yourself a “born spanko” ? or did the fetish develop later in life ?

That’s a simple question. I’m one of the persons that have been into spanking as long as they can remember.

Who do you think is the most famous celebrity most in need of a good spanking these days?

That probably would be Lindsay Lohan. Another choice would be Rihanna who would appreciate it, too. Although I’d only have quips and canes to offer, not whips and chains.

If were on a desert island, what would be the one spanking implement you’d take with you, if any, and why ?

Just one?! A good idea would be something versatile, also useful in other regards.
I suppose no carpets and no hairdresser on that island? So carpetbeater and hairbrush are out of the picture. A bath brush then? Or probably a medium-sized wooden paddle. Good for the desired cherry redness and helpful after I had finished building my raft (which btw would very likely be a pitiful sight).

Thanks much for your time, and keep up the wonderful cherry red work!

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8 thoughts on “An Exclusive Interview with the Chross Blog”

  1. “I find them quite entertaining.” Ha, that’s like when I ask D how he feels and he says, deadpan, “With my fingers.”

    Great interview, Dave & Chross. It’s about time someone interviewed the legendary Mr. Chross. Well done.



  2. Thx Karl. Thought you’d like the Kami Tora-approved blog header.

    Thank you Pink.

    Hi Stan: True. Well I did try to keep this short. Maybe will do a Part 2 sometime…

  3. This was an excellent chance to learn something about the man who spends so much time directing attention to other people; it was high time someone did this, and you did it exceptionally well, Dave!

    Thanks for the insight and history, Chross! And also for reminding me, when I get cranky with my pokey computer now, that Back In The Day, things were a LOT worse!

    Funny question, “Do you think spankos will take over the world?”– I was just looking at some “Pinky and the Brain” cartoons!

    Anyway, gentlemen, thank you again! This oughta be on Chross’s list this week! Oh, yeah…

  4. Mr.Chross, you state that one of the interests, besides being a ‘spankologist’, is the sport of soccer. I have been a soccer fan the same number of years as I have as a ‘spanko’. This being 70 years. My favorite team being ‘ARSE’nal Up the GUNNERS, Up ye REDS.

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