Rosaleen Young Tribute on YouTube

Super cool tribute to the legendary, and long since retired, fetish/bondage/spanking supermodel Rosaleen Young, nicely created by “canedangel1,” that I recently stumbled upon via YouTube. [Hmm…somewhat questionable choice of music, which is by 80’s easy-listening hit-maker Gino Vanelli.] “CanedAngel1” also made another spanktastic RY tribute Here. YouTube is not adult friendly, so the tribute displays some of her more subtle erotic pix, but as always, Ms. Young is simply sublime. And exquisite….*swoon*

[Inspired by this vid tribute, I am toiling away on compiling a pictorial blog tribute on some of RY’s lesser known, yet always awe-inducing, photographic masterworks.]

****Related Post: Enter the cherry red time machine and go back to 2008 and check out the “Memories of Rosaleen Young” blog post, offering up some of Elizabeth Simpson’s memories of Ms. Young, a spankee extraordinaire.

****Below are a few cherry red vid samples from CherryRedMovies of Rosaleen Young getting her righteous bottom cherry reddened quite deliciously:

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4 thoughts on “Rosaleen Young Tribute on YouTube”

  1. I remember when Rosaleen had her yahoo group. She would actually take the time to answer personal messages. I never met her, but corresponded with her about stuff involving the fetish and spanking scene. She felt it was important for the models to be in touch with their fan base. She was phenomenal as all her accolades are well deserved. It was a shame she couldn’t have retired under different circumstances. I hope all worked out for her.

    Rich Spankman

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