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To those that celebrate Independence Day, I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July holiday. *launches an array of cherry red-colored fireworks* 🙂

Anyhoo, in literary news, we are delighted to present to you an exclusive excerpt from from the prolific and unstoppable erotica author Loki Renard, who just so happens to also be a spanko. Hurray! Her erotic creations run the gamut from stylized westerns to lesbian romantic plots to sci-fi scenarios and more cherry-red goodness.

This eBook is entitled “The Taming of Miss Munroe” and is a Victorian spanking tale, in the style of the classic Sherlock Holmes stories, about a spirited, noble woman who runs away from home to lead a band of thieves. Multiple occurrences of the cherry reddening of bottoms thusly ensue.

*  *  *  *


We secreted ourselves in a dark corner of the room and waited. Presently we heard female voices, the door opened and Catherine bade her accomplice goodnight. She had a pleasant voice, cultured and not too light.

My first glimpse of her in person revealed that the photo had done no justice at all. Indeed, it must have been a terrible lens cut in the bowels of Hades to have butchered her beauty so thoroughly. She appeared to me like an angel, and it seemed that she had the prescience of one too.

The moment she closed the door, she turned towards our place in the corner, a shaft of moonlight lighting her keen, intelligent features as she smiled lightly.

“Mr Walker, I presume?”

Walker’s brows rose with surprise, but he stepped forward and bowed. “At
your service m’Lady,” he said pleasantly.

Miss Munroe looked him top to toe in that exacting way the fairer sex has,
taking his measure. “Well well, here we are,” she said.

“Yes,” Walker agreed.

“I suppose you’ll want me to come along quietly,” she surmised.

Walker smiled slowly. “I would not insult you by asking you to surrender
again, Miss Munroe,” he said. Before she had a chance to call for help and
call down her band of rogues on our heads, Walker took a swift step
forward and pricked her exposed shoulder with a small syringe of sleeping

It was perhaps an ungentlemanly act, but one very necessary for the safety of
all involved. Catherine was certainly not impressed. The look she gave him
as she tumbled into unconsciousness was one of pure venom.

It is something of a trick to carry a lady down a rope ladder, but by
throwing his captive over his shoulder, Walker made light work of it and
we returned to his lodgings in good time, just as Miss Munroe was
beginning to stir.

Once we safely regained the interior of his abode, Walker gently laid Miss
Munroe on a chaise. She was very close to waking, her long eyelashes were
fluttering, her lips moved as if she wanted to speak, and then in the next
instant she sprang up from sleep like a scalded cat.

“You cad!” she exclaimed. “You cowardly, beastly, horrible…”

Walker held up his hands peaceably. “Please Miss Munroe, do not stress
yourself, the effects of the sleeping fluid can be unpleasant.”

She ignored him, as willful women often do and looked at him balefully.

“You will return me to my Grange Street lodgings immediately!” she demanded.

“I am afraid I cannot,” Walker replied.

Realizing that he would not budge on the issue, Catherine glanced about
her in a panic. She found no obvious means of escape, which agitated her

“Please, Miss Munroe, sit,” Walker bade her calmly.

She refused again, preferring instead to turn and vomit suddenly into a
potted plant.

“Oh, I feel …” she managed to mumble before she lost consciousness once
more. Fortunately Walker moved with the quickness of a striking snake and
caught her as she fainted. He bade me fetch a glass of water and dispose
of the plant and I did both, after all, what are friends for?

When I returned, found that Miss Munroe had come to her senses and was
reclining on the chaise with a blanket wrapped about her as Walker sat
beside her, gently explaining what was to come.

“Firstly you must atone for your previous acts, then your family wishes
for you to spend some time here with me until I am satisfied you have
learned the lesson they mean for you to learn.”

Miss Munroe laughed. “And how am I to atone?”

Walker smiled reassuringly and spoke gently. “I prefer traditional methods
of turning a lady over my knee.”

Her face blushed a deep red color, a color that made her sweet eyes
sparkle all the brighter. “Mr Walker, you cannot be serious, I am a grown

“Yes my dear, but you have earned retribution,” Walker replied.

The look on her face reflected pure fear, and I fancy Walker took pity on
her. “Come dear, it will not be so bad,” he said comfortingly.

“You will… lay hands on me…” she choked.

“I think it is best I give you a demonstration, so that you might overcome
your fears,” Walker replied, gently taking her hands and standing up with
her. She was mesmerized by his eyes which flashed warmly at her as he
slowly sat and guided her over his lap.

This was what made Walker so truly excellent. I had seen him perform the
same miracle many times and yet to this day I still could not say how it
is done. From a spitting wildcat, to a gentle lamb he lead her to her
chastisement, his hand now resting on the curve of her backside, the other
stroking her back gently.

“You see, Miss Munroe, there is nothing to fear here,” he said, patting
her upraised bottom lightly. She gasped at his touch. “You have yet to

Walker chuckled. “This is true,” he said bringing his hand up and then
down again with a firm slap that elicited a little squeal from her mouth.
This was followed by another, and another.

With ladylike yelps and childlike cries, Miss Munroe received her first
spanking over Walker’s knee. He reassured her with every slap, telling her
how well she was doing as her bottom took its punishment. He did not tell
her of the stout wooden paddle he owned, nor did he threaten her with the
twin specters of strap and cane, both of which she would inevitably meet.
Instead he broke her into her new way of life with kind words and a
stinging derriere. When her bottom was warm under the silk slip, he began
to increase the force of the spanking, causing her hips to jump and her
cries to become more frantic.

“I know what you have been up to, Catherine, and it does not befit you. I
will not have you living that way,” he lectured, swatting her upraised
cheeks soundly.

There was little doubt that she could feel the heat and sting of the
spanking now, her hips rose and fell and bucked over his lap as she tried
to avoid taking her medicine. Though her panic had thoroughly abated, her
desire to avoid a spanking had not. It was obvious to me that Catherine
was a sweet, though spoiled young lady who would do well with frequent
reminders of obedience.

Walker seemed to agree as he finished her very first spanking with a round
of firm swats, then allowed her to sit up on his lap, gentling her with a
kiss to the forehead. I could not say whether it was the continued effects
of the sleeping drug, or whether she simply knew by some feminine instinct
that she could trust Walker, but within minutes she was laying her head
upon his chest, where she soon lost her battle with consciousness.

“Well done, James,” I congratulated him quietly.

He laughed briefly, still cradling Miss Munroe against his chest. “This is
but the beginning of a battle of wills my friend, one which I shall win
and she shall suffer through.”

At the time I did not believe him, though later events showed him to be
utterly correct.

* * *

Excerpt posted with permission from author Loki Renard. For more info, visit Loki Renard’s website Here.

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