Bugs Bunny Gets His Spank On; And Other CherryRed News

[Art by Spinitto] Anyone care to add in a caption ??

In other news, I can not stop staring at this spanking gallery from Clare Fonda. @@ <swoon>


Is the tireless chief spanko Mike, pictured above showing his smack-down skills on Spanked in Uniform, the hardest working spanker in the industry? He just might be…..Whoa and how I love that image above…..uh huh…errm…where was I?  OK….Pictured here is a beautiful, cherry-reddened lass on SIU’s cheerleading school who earns herself some overdue, panties-down otk behavior modification therapy.

Oh my…do check out fetish/adult film star Kym Wilde as a sassy, stunning cheerleader From Hell, in Scene 2 of this B&D Pleasures spanking compilation video. Spanked cheerleaders are epic Win. 

Below we have a stunning, cherry red example of what happens, you see, when your teacher is the iron-handed Ms. Law on BadTushy, and you simply click away endlessley on your Blackberrry gizmo…cherry redness will be the result. [By the way, Ms. Law aka: Kayla Quinn, is one of the hardest butt-blazers I have seen, and is a very cool, intriguing person in real-life.  She was interviewed a few yeas ago on this blog Here.]

Get your perv on at Uncle Bob’s Woodshed — Uncle B. is a spanko DJ who works his mad skillz at various spanko shindigs, spinning killer ear candy to get your tushy on the dance floor, and this site will lead you to some awe-inducing exotic paddles for cherry reddening, and his clips4sale store and more cherry red goodness.

Kat. St. James, Carrissa Montgomery and Sarah Gregory are three schoolgirls who skip school and thusly make up a titillating triumvirate of tanned tushies, a tableaux of toasted tails, if you will, after a trip over the knee and a dose of the school paddle. Click here for more pix!

In cherry red blog news: Stay tuned for a forthcoming guest column by this spanktastic spanking model.

This butt blistering PunishedBrats video featuring Miss Chris and Joelle is a gem, and one of the hottest vids I’ve seen this year…hawtness.

*  *  *

If you seek more cherry redness, featuring males on the receiving end, do perv on over to my other blog: Spanking4Men.

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4 thoughts on “Bugs Bunny Gets His Spank On; And Other CherryRed News”

  1. I LOVE me some Bugs Bunny! Cutest, coolest cartoon character, EVER! 🙂

    I just watched a modern version of the Looney Tunes on the Cartoon Network with Bugs himself…and that CUTE but very annoying girl bunny featured over his lap. She kept stalking him and he had to get a retraining order against her. LOL! LOL!

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