Clare Fonda’s Cameraman: Behind the Scenes with Shay Golden

The spanko crew here at Cherry Red HQ have been quite enamored since the day adult film star Shay Golden made her awe-inducing debut recently on Clare Fonda’s flagship Spanked Sweeties website, which is also available via Clare’s multi-site pass. So we thought we’d ask Clare chief video wizard, master lensman and primary recorder of all things cherry red [known as The Cameraman] for the behind-the-scenes scoop on the epic hawtness that is Shay. . .

Thank you for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report. When you first saw Shay Golden walk through the door rocking those incredible daisy dukes, what went through your mind?

I had seen Shay once before – on the set of a horror movie where I met her and Veronica Ricci, who were in a scene together.  I was the cameraman, and also the one who designed
Shay’s death scene that day (her throat got cut).  I knew that Shay had an amazing body.  So when she walked in for the Clare Fonda shoot, wearing her tight short-shorts, I was pleased of course, but not surprised.

And I believe Clare said something like “those will be great for your first scene.”  I think I might’ve smiled when she said that. And this is true –  I even said to Clare something like “Cherry Red Dave is going to love this scene.”

How right you were! Did she bring a lot of outfits and clothes and whatnot to the shoot?

Shay had a smallish bag as these things go.  Seems like she had maybe 4 or so outfits.  Clare has an endless supply of dresses and full panties, and I’m going to say that Clare gave her maybe one outfit and a pair of panties for some of the stuff we shot.  So I would categorize Shay as being a practical packer.

Errm…are you, well, looking for a camera assistant at the moment? Um…just curious.

Ha ha – thanks for the offer to assist on the shoot Dave.  How much can you afford to pay to be my assistant?  And if Clare sees you walking around, are you prepared to have her smack your ass hard and often as she does not approve of visitors on the set…

Not much! And yes I am! Anyway, how do you stay “focused” during a video/photo shoot, considering the subject matter is quite distracting, as is Shay I’m sure, so to speak? In other words, how do you maintain your professionalism? Personally, I think my brain would melt.

When you do it long and often enough, it is easy to treat shooting spanking scenes like work – which it is of course.  I find that if I just be myself around the talent, that they feel comfortable and realize I am doing a job.

I love the work, of course – much better than say sitting in an office crunching numbers – or well pretty much antying else you can think of.  And sometimes I pause and think to myself, “this really is a terrific job.”

But when it comes down to it, I must light quickly, keep the shots lined up and make sure I cover everything so it can be edited.  Each model is different.

And some like to do the work and get out.  Some like to hang out and talk after.  They talk about shopping, boyfriends, girlfriends, boobs, food, movies, etc.  Every once in a while, a super sexually charged model shoots with us – and she flirts and talks about sex and well – I suppose this is the kind of model guys watching the sites imagine they all are like and hence the job envy.  But this is the rare bird.

Your Clare spanking Shay photos are quite spanktastic and I love the various angles and cool perspectives that you employ—do you plan those various angles before the shoot or improvise during the filming/during the photo shoot?

I am very conscious about variety in spanking anlges.  There are certain angles I even use depending on the shape and size of a models bottom.

So sometimes I plan ahead, and sometimes I wing it – based on the spanking positions.  Angles are very important!  And sometimes I will see a non spanking movie, or see something in real life when a light bulb will go off and I’ll think “note to self – great spanking position.”

I wonder what percentage of adult film stars are true “spankos” ….any ideas?

I’m going to estimate that I’ve worked with around 150 adult models (not counting fetish models who are all spankos).  Of those 150, I’d say maybe 10 to 15 were some variation of a spanko. The majority of them I would classify as people interested in sexuality and they would view spanking as a form of sexuality.

So they would not need spanking to be aroused, but could get aroused by it in certain situations.  But spanking is not what drives them.  So I would say they are not spankos.  A handful are anti-spankos – meaning they did it for the money and didn’t like it at all – and will never shoot spanking again.  I would guess that Shay falls into the larger category of seeing spanking as a sexual activity, enjoying it, but not being driven by it.

The video with Clare and Shay in her daisy dukes is really hot and they both are quite “into” the scene with sizzling dynamics. Clare was in quite a disciplinary mood that day it seems?

Shay was very late that day.  I have seen Clare give some of her hardest spankings to models who show up very late.  This was an incredible spanking – one of the best I have ever seen or shot and it was hard and real.  Shay later admitted that it conjured up some real memories for her.  Not to mention a very sore and very red ass.

Will  you be working with Shay again soon, I hope?

I would love to work with Shay any time. I understand she won’t be available for the big schoolgirl shoot in August, so it might be a while before that happens again.

All photos courtesy of Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties.

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  1. Thank you for your article on Shay Golden . Apparently she has gotten out of the hardcore industry but let’s hope she keeps making appearances in fetish videos. Her scenes on Spanked Sweeties are full of life and hard whacks.

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