Classic Spanking Art by Dave Wolfe


Simply classic illo above, by the unstoppable artist Dave Wolfe, as seen recently on his blog. His sizzling blend of good humor and spanktasticness are undeniable. [Are those cherries on her pants? or strawberries? too cute!] Mr. Wolfe draws exclusively for the Discipline & Desire website.

In addition, my assministrator, editorial research team and myself have voted to bestow on Mr. Wolfe the Cherry award for 2011, for “Excellence in Art.” Congratulations!

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6 thoughts on “Classic Spanking Art by Dave Wolfe”

  1. I love that Wolfe- he is so luscious. Do you think he has a cabin in the woods? Do you think a girl might happen across it one day?
    I’m a sucker for wolves (or Wolfes)

  2. Well, this is an entirely unexpected pleasure and honor, thank you and your colorful team, Dave! And thank you Erica, Kaki, and Poppy for your kind praise and support! (By the way, Ms Poppy, I do indeed have an abode in the pines, and bunnies are ALWAYS welcome!)

    I’m glad you got such a kick out of this cartoon, Dave! The detail is kinda hard to see, but her pants are actually printed with Springroses! And a bunch of people liked this one, too, but nobody has ever asked, “Where the heck did he get that foot bench he’s sitting on??”

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