Exclusive: Clare Fonda Provides the Behind-the-Scenes Scoop on her Newest Spankee: Adult Film Star Dani Jensen


The incomparable, unstoppable Clare Fonda is on a roll, as they unveiled today their latest supah’ hot, stunning sweetie on Spanked Sweeties [also available via Clare’s multi-site pass] adult film superstar Dani Jensen, who looks a bit like the gorgeous actress Emma Stone.

Like a wild, untamed filly, Dani pouts, wriggles and bucks, whines and whimpers over Clare’s seasoned lap in a way that is unlike anything I recall seeing in recent memory, while Clare pitch-perfectly scolds and spanks her naughty girl. In addition, Dani is interviewed on Sweeties and speaks candidly about her “traditional” upbringing and old-fashioned parents.

[By the way, you can watch many of Dani’s sizzling adult XXX films Here, On-Demand… ]

The first thing that happened when I saw these pix, my brain, at least the area controlling the spanko synapses, momentarily melted. The second thing was I asked Clare for the behind-the-scenes scoop on the delicious Dani, and Clare was kind enough to provide the following exclusive to the Cherry Red Report. Thank you Clare. 🙂

——>Wait, first do check out some free galleries: Dani Jensen spanking gallery #1 and gallery #2.

Written by Clare Fonda:

I am looking very forward to see how Dani Jensen will be received. I think the spanking community will like her a lot. She is an established adult star who I have always had my eye on for a spanking shoot.

She’s done a lot of naughty girl next door type shoots in hardcore adult film, and seemed to enjoy her work — so when her agent said yes I was pleasantly surprised. Although I had assured him that it was not a hard corporal punishment shoot, since half the time we shot her for my Clips4Sale site Bratty Step Daughter, on which she has our highest rated clips.

Dani got to the shoot a half an hour early which was a problem as I was counting on her being the standard 15 minutes late, so I would have time to wash my hair. The only thing worse than showing up early for a shoot is showing up feloniously late or, of course, a total no show.

I forgave Dani though because she was sweet about it and so great verbally in the stepdaughter clips, that I knew she would be fun to spank, and indeed she was.

She’s very tiny over your lap, spirited and wiggly but she’s a good size for me to be able to completely control physically and she really likes being on camera. And I think she gets off performing, as a good adult actress should.

Mom teaches her naughty daughter a good lesson......

It would be very intense to see her take a hairbrush spanking because, as you will see, she really gets pretty wild when just being spanked by hand, trying to jump off my lap, wriggle forward onto the ground like April O’Neil did to Lana in last years EE5 shoot, and all the while with bouncing little butt cheeks and a little high pitched whine that sounds like one of my cats when I am bringing the food bowl to them.

Actually, when I remember her pert and tiny bubble but, albeit curvy for her size, bouncing under my hand, I am pretty sure our viewers will not notice my messy hair!

Thank you, Dani, for a great shoot.

P.S. A cute side note about Dani: Her cell phone went off during the shoot when her agent called. She had a John Cougar Mellencamp ring tone that I thought was cool.

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4 thoughts on “Exclusive: Clare Fonda Provides the Behind-the-Scenes Scoop on her Newest Spankee: Adult Film Star Dani Jensen”

  1. Dani is a little cutie spankee playing a very naughty little girl very well her cute botty is well spanked by Clare as she tries to wriggle away but she is put over firmly for more big spanks ,best wishes ,tim .

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