Literary Spotlight: Gemma Forbes Publishes a Comprehensive Guide to Corporal Punishment

Anyone up for some sizzling summer reading? Looking for some spanko tips and instruction on the art and psychology of cherry reddening the posterior regions? Governess Gemma Forbes has recently published a detailed handbook on all things spanko, which you can obtain via Amazon in both book and Kindle formats.

—->Also, you can listen to a cool Interwebby podcast interview with Ms. Forbes over at Masocast.

The publisher describes the book thusly: “Governess Gemma Forbes is one of the best known spankers you’ve probably never heard of. Intensely private, her expertise in the art and science of traditional, old-fashioned domestic discipline is known among the initiated the world over…..In the pages of this book….you’ll also find essential useful tips, hints and advice for beginners and experienced spanking enthusiasts alike.”

“There’s information on how to begin your exploration, how to find someone to play with, how to use (and even find) spanking implements, how to broach the idea of inviting your significant other to join you in your penchant, even what to do when a spanking scene goes wrong… and much, much more.”

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In other cherry red book news, check out the relatively new website Bottoms Up Book Review, which features heaps of well-written reviews of spanko fiction, featuring exclusive excerpts as well. A very nifty idea!

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Have you read the work of Loki Renard? Surf on over to the unstoppable Loki Renard, whose prodigious output of flaming hot erotic fiction [spiced with various spanky elements of course] continues to impress and titillate the spanko senses. Lots of free excerpts to enjoy on the Lokinator’s site as well.

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Need more? The recently re-designed Blushing Books has a vast collection of red-ass reading for your literary enjoyment.

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2 Responses to Literary Spotlight: Gemma Forbes Publishes a Comprehensive Guide to Corporal Punishment

  1. The spanking handbook looks intriguing! Abel of the Spanking Writers has written a review of it here, if you’re interested.

  2. cherryred says:

    Awesome/will check out Abel’s review. Thx for the heads-up Pandora 🙂

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