21 Bottoms. 90 Minutes. 1 Video.

If you haven’t seen it, Shadow Lane’s compilation of toasted tushies “No Ifs, Ands–Just Butts” is required spanko viewing, featuring 21 spank scenes from their various trail-blazing, and butt-blazing, videos — and featuring an array of spanko starlets, from Samantha Woodley to Amelia Jane Rutherford.

[One of my all-time fav ShadowLane scenes is this masterwork with the beguiling Georgia Gold, of which I have conducted a frame-by-frame ass analysis. And don’t miss the dripping-wet hawtness of Tattletail.]

[Eve Howard and company at Shadow Lane have also produced other jam-packed compilation vids, such as their classic “Super Spanking Revue,” which features 1 minute from each of their first 88 video releases(!), which includes all their vids from 1987 to 2003. But wait, there’s more: they also released a “Super Spanking Revue Part 2” and “Part 3.”]

Anyhoo, below are some vid samples from No Ifs, Ands–Just Butts.  Enjoy 🙂 And visit CherryRedMovies for more spanktasticness.

For more spanking viewing awesomeness, visit CherryRedMovies, updated daily for spanko freshness:

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