OMG! Attack of the Spanko Monsters!

Art by Lyndal Ferguson.

Swamp creatures can be spankos, too.  Some truly unique art by Lyndal Ferguson, that was recently posted on the must-read website Chicago Spanking Review. A fabulous find by the tireless collectors of spanko erotica at CSR.  Inspired by the vintage horror flick “Creature from the Black Lagoon,” artist Lyndal Ferguson has created a crimson-hued classic of his own.

But wait! There’s more! You see, it turns out that spanky artist Dave Wolfe has also created a similar ghoulish “creature from the cherry-red lagoon”-style illo as well, which he has blogged about, featuring the iconic swamp creature gettin’ his spank on.  As Dave Wolfe says, great spanko minds think alike.

Art by Dave Wolfe


This just in from Clare Fonda: the lovely and talented, and terribly spankable, Kat St. James stars in a butt-blazing sizzler over at Spanked Sweeties >>> …..check out a free gallery Here.

And perv over to another Kat St. James gallery.  File under: Hawtness.

>>>>Watch the full video over at Spanked Sweeties. [Also available via Clare Fonda’s Multi-Site Pass.]<<<<

Get your free minutes now! Freshly updated with cherry red goodness:

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2 thoughts on “OMG! Attack of the Spanko Monsters!”

  1. Thanks, Dave!

    I knew I couldn’t be the only monster fan doing spanking cartoons!


    Next month I may have to trot some more out. I think I’ve used most of the Universal monsters except King Kong. Oh, wait, he was RKO, anyway!!

    Glad you enjoyed these!

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