The Two of Hearts: New Art by Kami Tora

Yessss! It’s been a while since Kami has drawn up some cherry red hawtness. Exquisite new spanking illo by the unmatched artistry of the legendary Kami Tora…..Simply sizzling [and dripping wet if you look closely.] Hopefully, someday he’ll complete the full deck of cards. Hm…anyone up for a game of Texas Spank ’em? [Insert more card-playing spanko puns Here.]

In other red-ass, bun-blazing art news, I recently stumbled across, quite happily, two brand new and intriguing spanking art blogs, both of which are focused on the F/m end of the cherry red spectrum. Anyway, they are Banjo’s Blog and also check out RedRump.

Get your free minutes now! Freshly updated with cherry red goodness:

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3 thoughts on “The Two of Hearts: New Art by Kami Tora”

  1. Just wonderful. That Kami Tora has got to be the greatest artist currently working in spanking illustration.

    I mean sure other artists like Waldo, Paula Meadows and Milo Manara are great too, but they don’t seem to be putting out much in the way of new work these days.

    Unlike Kami Tora. Yay Kami. Add me to your fan club!

    And thanks for consistently featuring Kami Tora’s work Dave. I’m sure the attention and exposure encourages him to keep making more great spanking art.

  2. & let’s not forget all that wetness going on… ahem… between the legs! Kami is a Grade A perv, always loved his stuff… long may he continue providing pervy images!

    Pervery at its best

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