Beautiful Spanking Art

File under: perfect. Sizzling stunning spanking artwork by an artist named Shed. He has a page over at Deviant Art [registration required]  — and primarily draws non-spanking erotica. This appears to be his only cherry red themed illo. More like this please!

17 beautiful bottoms. 1 video. 90 minutes.  Sounds like epic win to me. In more cherry red news, Shadow Lane has released “No Ifs, Ands — Just Butts! Part 2” — a compendium of 22 butt-blazing scenes from their spanktastic films, which is currently one of the most popular vids now playing at CherryRedMovies.

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5 Responses to Beautiful Spanking Art

  1. Karl Friedrich Gauss says:

    Great find, Dave. Thanks for giving this artist the broader exposure he deserves. One wonders where his interest in the subject is coming from. He sure seems to know what he’s drawing about here!

  2. cherryred says:

    Thx Karl. 🙂

  3. Karl Friedrich Gauss says:

    Hey, I see my favourite header is back up!

  4. cherryred says:

    🙂 🙂

  5. tim says:

    the picture is very good ,the girl is placed otk so miss will be able to deal with her naughtiness with a sound spanking ,best tim.

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