Cherry Red Exclusive! Pandora Blake Dishes the Scoop on her Forthcoming Spanking Website

Fab news to report: the exquisite Pandora Blake will soon be unveiling her own spanking site, Dreams of Spanking, with fresh, original content, including bun-scorching vids and pix featuring a slew of spanko stars. CRR caught up with Pandora to get the scoop on this sizzling new venture….which will go live towards the end of the year.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report. What sparked your decision to start your own site?

As a performer, the sites I’ve enjoyed working for most as a model have been the ones that let me write my own scripts. My fantasies have always centred around stories. I like unfair punishments, adventure, drama and romance – and I have a whole library of favourite spanking scenarios in my head which I’ve been collecting since I was a little girl.

My site Dreams of Spanking is going to focus on stories. There won’t be any context-free spankings – each scene will be a glimpse into an ongoing narrative.

Different stories will be told in different media, depending on what suits the scene best.

So I’m offering audio stories and magazine-style photostories as well as photo galleries and films.

When it will be launching?

The site aims to launch in December this year, but there’s a lot of
work still to do so I very much hope everything goes to plan!

How it will differentiate itself from the heaps of other spanky sites ?

I’m going to focus on the fantasies and perspectives of women and spankees, as a counterpoint to all the sites out there which are run by male tops. At a basic level this is about representing my own fantasies and experience, and those of my performers – but I’m also aiming to cater to the tastes of other female and submissive viewers in response to requests and feedback.

So for instance, the site shows off attractive male tops and bottoms as well as women, and there’s humour, intimacy, developed characters and interesting psychological twists as well as intense spanking action.

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets a dose of Pandora's hairbrush...

I’m including some classic male/male discipline scenes for the girls to watch, such as public school prefect scenarios and will aim to feature more sub M material over time as well as M/F and F/F.

As a web developer I’m often frustrated by the way other spanking sites
work, so the other aim is to make the site as streamlined and usable as possible. Each user will have a single login to both leave comments and purchase access.

I’ve also put a lot of thought into how people will search the archive. All spanking scenes will have keywords – such as implement and genre as well as performer name – to make it as easy as possible to find the sort of scene you like.

I wanted to combine hard spanking, severe caning, edgy punishment fantasies and genuine dominance and submission with an explicitly fairtrade production ethos.

Dreams of Spanking is partly an attempt to answer the question a newbie to spanking films might ask – “How can I tell if this is consensual?” – by providing a public fairtrade
guarantee, behind the scenes footage and outtakes, video interviews with the performers and a community feel where performers and viewers can interact.

Given I’m working with male bottoms this is all the more important, as I think they get a bit of a rough deal from the industry overall.

What models do you hope to work with?

All the performers I’m working with are friends and kinksters who I personally know and trust, so there’s a really positive vibe and good chemistry throughout the scenes. I’m only working with genuine spanking enthusiasts who are players in their private life.

We are launching with scenes starring well known names like Zille Defeu, Caroline Grey, Adele Haze, Zoe Montana, Amelia Jane Rutherford and Hywel Phillips, as well as my own dominant partners D and Thomas Cameron, and newcomers Jimmy Holloway and Sebastian Hawley.

Spanking bloggers Ludwig and Kaelah have worked for us too on several scenes including a very personal Lupus-style severe caning film, which is something of an honour as they don’t work for many commercial sites.

I like working with real life couples, especially with very hard spanking scenes, as the bottoms can go much further with someone they trust, and you get a real electricity and chemistry when two performers are genuinely into each other.

We already have plans to shoot with Nimue Allen and her partner some time in the new year, and I have my eye on a number of hot new male bottoms and switches who are interested in joining us. In addition, I’d love to work with Amy Hunter, Leia Ann Woods, Sarah Gregory and Zoe Page.

What are your future plans with the website?

Well, partly this will depend on user feedback – but I already have some ideas. I want to include secure pay-per-download options alongside full membership as soon as possible, so people can cherry pick the scenes they like best. Embedded video streaming is on the wishlist too.

I also have plans for a sophisticated advanced search feature that lets users tick or untick the type of scene they want to see – so someone who, for instance, isn’t interested in any scenes with male bottoms can simply untick those and choose not to be shown them in search.

If the site is a success, I’d like to move towards making TV-style recurring series and more feature-length spanking films in the future, as this will give me the greatest scope to explore some of my more complex story ideas. But right now I’m just looking forward to sharing the films and photosets I’ve already made with the world, and hoping to find some other people who share my dreams.

Thank you for your time Pandora, and this is all very exciting–we are all looking forward to enjoying your Dreams of Spanking!


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9 thoughts on “Cherry Red Exclusive! Pandora Blake Dishes the Scoop on her Forthcoming Spanking Website”

  1. A worthy undertaking! I can think of few people who could fill this need better than Pandora.

    Best of luck and I’m excited about the launch!



  2. how about us older ones,im 65 and like being spanked by hand over womans knees,
    i see escorts once a month for 90 mins of spanking.
    and would be willing to be filmed having it done,as most spanking sites only cater for female spankees and younger men.

    1. Thanks so much for signing up to the mailing list Tim, there are some FF spankings in the works including a free gallery of me being spanked by Zoe Montana in the next newsletter 🙂

  3. Thanks Dave for the awesome interview and great questions! I’m ridiculously excited about finally being able to launch my site – and it’s so lovely to see that other people are starting to share that excitement, too 🙂

  4. Looking forward to Seeing Pandora’s “Dreams of Spanking” come to the small screens of internet users worldwide. Pandora has such a developed aesthetic that it will be not only fun and hot, but educational too, to see what her “female gaze” erotic could become. Great choice Dave!

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